The 1 Thing Priyanka Chopra Always Does on Dates With Nick Jonas

The 1 Thing Priyanka Chopra Always Does on Dates With Nick Jonas

From the department of duh: Priyanka Chopra is extremely gorgeous and always manages to look pretty much flawless on the red carpet, at BFF Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, and on dates with rumored beau Nick Jonas. The actress has been spotted out with the singer on multiple occasions over the last few months, and while the locale has always been different, one thing has remained the same: her bold lip.

Now, a bright lipstick isn’t out of the ordinary for the actress — she frequently wears deep reds and vibrant pinks both on and off screen — but she’s also been known to keep it low-key in the makeup department when she’s out and about with friends. However, most people are so wrapped up in the alleged couple’s dating timeline that they may have completely missed that she’s kept a tube of (pink, brown, and burgundy) lipstick close for all her dates with Jonas. Could this be her date-night secret weapon? Is it a subtle ploy to convince paparazzi that there is no funny business going on between the two?

Either way, let Chopra’s bold lip choices in the slides ahead inspire you to reach for something colorful — on dates, for work, or just because you feel like it.


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