"Good Place" Star Jameela Jamil Opens Up About Her Personal Beauty Journey

Jameela Jamil’s role as Tahani Al-Jamil on The Good Place has made her something of a fashion icon, as her character makes pretty much every floral maxi dress look like an extravagant ball gown. But, while Tahani is constantly concerned with how others perceive her, Jamil has been vocal about breaking stereotypical beauty norms and embracing what it means to be your authentic self. In an exclusive interview with Allure, the actress opened up about her personal beauty journey and why accepting her background has made her feel more beautiful than ever before.

“I started thinking about beauty in the late ’90s when I was about 11, because that’s when tabloid culture and magazines really started a full-on assault on women’s appearances,” Jamil told the publication. Between her preteen years to her mid-twenties, she added that the Internet played a pivotal role in encouraging her to wear makeup and become more aware of beauty as a concept, which was often associated with being thin and fitting a predetermined standard of the “ideal” woman. “I love different faces. I didn’t when I was younger growing up in the U.K.; plus, my Indian culture really celebrates lighter skin. I really wanted to not have an ‘Indian’ nose.”

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