Kelly Ripa’s Trainer Reveals How To Get Her 6 Pack: Which Workouts Are Best & What To Eat

Kelly Ripa basically broke the internet with her vacation bikini pics, and now, we’re getting the dish straight from her trainer! Watch our exclusive interview right here!

Kelly Ripa, 47, looks unbelievable in a bikini and there is one person in her life who has a big role in her flawless body: her trainer Anna Kaiser! “We’ve known each other for 10 years,” Anna told EXCLUSIVELY. Kelly works out “4 to 5 days a week, for 60 to 75 minutes. She eats a really balanced diet. Protein up, sugar down.”Anna has fitness studios in NYC, Connecticut and L.A. Soon, she’s opening new locations around the country. They have dance classes, circuit training, interval training, and sculpting.

Anna told us that her celeb clients, like Kelly and Shakira “are regular people and they have regular people goals and concerns and challenges!” Anna just went to Barcelona to help Shakira prepare for her upcoming tour. She gave her a three month program — nothing happens overnight, people! It takes focus with fitness and nutrition! Anna said that Shakira has been eating the new Pure Protein Birthday Cake Bites for desert as a sweet treat — they have protein and they are low in sugar! Anna says you should ditch your scale for summer! “It’s not about weight. That’s one of the most important things. Your weight can fluctuate 10 pounds. It’s about being consistent with your workouts. We focus on measurements. We have an InBody scanner so you can see the muscle vs. fat. I never step on a scale.”

Anna has busy mornings thanks to her 1-year-old child. She keeps the Pure Protein Breakfast Bars in Blueberry Oatmeal in her bag for “food emergencies.” Watch the video above to see how much cardio vs. weight training you should be doing, if it’s safe to work out when you’re pregnant, and much more!

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