Olivia Culpo Reveals Pilates Is The Reason She Has Rock-Hard Abs, Despite Still Eating Pizza

It’s no secret that Olivia Culpo has the most insanely toned abs, and the model told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how pilates, combined with the 80/20% rule when it comes to food, is the reason she looks this good.

Olivia Culpo, 26, is always showing off her toned body in a slew of different crop tops or tight little mini dresses, as she’s proud of her flawless figure. The Sports Illustrated model revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, that she puts in a lot of hard work and dedication when it comes to staying in shape, specifically when it comes to food. “I always try to follow the 80%, 20% rule when it comes to food. 80% is clean, healthy eating, while treating yourself is the other 20% of the time. I also love to try different workouts. Right now I have been doing a lot of resistance and weight training but I also love spinning and barre. For abs and core, pilates is a great workout, because it helps create definition in your abs,” Olivia shared. As for what she eats in a day, Olivia said, “I try to be flexible. Sometimes I eat pizza and other days I eat really healthy. Just balance it out you know?”

Aside from just looking amazing, the model can also add fashion designer to her resume now, as she shared all of the details surrounding the launch of her new Express X Olivia Culpo Collection. “I wanted to design a collection for every woman. This collection can be styled to go from day to night and keep you feeling confident at all times. I highlighted some power colors in this collection, like red and hot pink, so that the women wearing the pieces can shine,” she said. Olivia admits that her favorite piece from the collection are constantly changing, “It changes daily, but right now, now that summer is coming, I am loving the off-the-shoulder basic crop tops. I wear the red one constantly. You can pair them with high-waisted jeans and not show any mid section or wear them to the beach with jean shorts.” The collection is currently available online and in most stores, with prices ranging from $34.90-$138.

Olivia’s not the only one who loves her own collection, as she admits the response has been crazy. “It’s been so incredible seeing people on Instagram wearing my collection! I love to see how everyone styles it differently and makes the look their own. Honestly, I am always so humbled to see that people like something I have created and it inspires me to keep going and do more.” While she has a new fashion collection, Olivia also just collaborated with Huda Beauty on a set of eyelashes, “My inspiration for them was a natural yet glamorous look that enhances your natural lash. I wore them last weekend in Miami and I loved how they made my eyes pop.”

As for what else we can expect to the see from the gorgeous model soon, Olivia gushed, “I have really enjoyed working on a few upcoming acting projects. I am finishing up with a TV series and a movie. I can’t wait to share them with everyone. One of the projects is a comedy which was something totally new for me and I hope everyone has a good laugh!”

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