This Face Mask Was a Home Run For My Skin After a Week Filled With Hot Dogs and Beer

This Face Mask Was a Home Run For My Skin After a Week Filled With Hot Dogs and Beer

As a baseball fan, I was psyched to get a pass that allowed me standing-room access to all Mets home games — unfortunately, my complexion hasn’t been enjoying this season as much as I have. After one sunburned day game and two overly windy evening games (at all of which I ate a hot dog and drank Bud Light), my skin was practically begging for some TLC.

That’s where the Tula Skincare Major Glow Mask ($35) stepped up to the plate. The gel mask contains probiotics to help calm inflammation and papaya and citrus to smooth and brighten the skin. After sitting out in the cold for two nights in a row, my skin looked dull and lifeless (despite the extensive team of illuminating products I had packed on my face) and could really use some calming and brightening ingredients.

I could hardly wait to rip open the mask’s packaging and immediately placed the top and bottom portion of the gel mask on my face. I loved how refreshing the cooling gel felt on my face and immediately started to feel better. While I was surprised that the mask’s eye and mouth holes weren’t completely cut out (I had to bend them downward so I could see and breathe), I quickly forgot about it once the relaxation started to kick in.

After the recommended five to 10 minutes of wear, I tossed the mask and looked in the mirror. While a single use wouldn’t instantly transform my skin, the result was a huge improvement. The high-sodium-hot-dog-induced puffiness had gone down, and my skin was significantly dewier than before. I’m looking forward to continuing to use the mask the suggested twice a week, because it’s a total home run.

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