Doggy diaries! Hilarious day in the life of man’s best friend

Dogs do the DAFTEST things! Doting owners share sweet snaps of their pets’ silliest moments in hilarious online gallery

  • People from around the world shared images of their daft dogs on Bored Panda 
  • One pup managed to fetch a potato, rather than her ball, while playing outside
  • A German Shepherd tried to hide from its owner behind a single loo roll

Owners have shared photos of their desperately dopey dogs in a hilarious online gallery.

The pooches were snapped looking utterly baffled and rather silly as they failed to demonstrate any common sense. 

The images, shared on Bored Panda, show one pup looking pleased for himself after he mistakenly fetched a potato during a trip to the park. 

Another was seen trying to hide behind a single strip of toilet roll. 

Here, FEMAIL share some of the best examples… 

You can’t see me! This German Shepherd tried to hide itself behind the single strand of toilet roll in the bathroom. The image was shared in a Bored Panda gallery of daft dogs 

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