Flight attendants reveal their must-have items for travelling

The ultimate travel essentials: Flight attendants reveal the must-have items they NEVER fly without, from Ziploc bags to SWEET POTATOES

  • Flight attendants who work for Delta Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines revealed their must-have items for travelling
  • Luggage organizers, journals and books were among their essential items
  • Delta Airlines attendant Vinnie De Jesus and Hawaiian Airlines workers Theona Kapoi shared their travel essentials 
  • Mapuana Faulkner, Heather Sanchez and Joyce Foley of Hawaiian Airlines also shared their must-have items while travelling for work 
  • The flight attendants revealed their must-have items in an article for Domino  
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A number of flight attendants have revealed the various different things they say they cannot travel without.

Flight attendants who work for Delta Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines told Domino how they prepare for a flight – and the essential items that they never leave home without.

The workers revealed that luggage organizers, Ziploc bags and journals are among their must-haves when flying around the globe. 

Those who revealed their go-to items for travelling included Vinnie De Jesus, who works as a fight attendant for Delta Airlines, as well as Hawaiian Airlines attendant Theona Kapoi.

Hawaiian Airlines attendants Mapuana Faulkner, Heather Sanchez and Joyce Foley also spoke to the publication about their favorite things they regularly carry on flights. 

Interesting! A number of flight attendants who work for Delta Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have revealed their must-have items for travelling 

Ziploc bags 

Theona Kapoi, who works for Hawaiian Airlines said she likes to bring the small plastic bags on board with her in order to save space and carry different items with her. 

She told the publication: ‘Putting things in Ziploc bags and squeezing the air out helps give you lots of space, keeps you organized, and protects your belongings in case your luggage gets rained on.’

Although they may not be the most environmentally-friendly choice, they definitely come in handy.

Phone chargers, USB sticks and any other important items can be easier to find when they’re in an individual bag, rather than sporadically thrown into a carry-on case or handbag. 

A reusable water bottle  

Hawaiian Airlines attendant Joyce Foley has a more eco-friendly must-have item that she brings with her as she travels for work.

The flight attendant recommends bringing a reusable water bottle on flights, rather than using small plastic cups.

As well as avoiding unnecessary plastic waste, bringing your own bottle will ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the flight, as cabin-pressure tends to dry out the air.  

She said: ‘Flight attendants can always fill up your flask. This will help you stay hydrated, which also helps with jet lag and bloating.’


Vinnie De Jesus, who works as a fight attendant for Delta Airlines, said he likes to bring a bullet journal along with him as he travels.

He uses the journal to write down his thoughts, as he says travelling can become stressful at times. 

‘As one who travels a lot, staying “grounded” in an emotional sense is often more important,’ he told Domino. 

‘Take something with you that helps ensure you are in the right head space. For me, that would be my bullet journal and Bible. 

‘These items help keep me focused on the things that matter and are a comfort to me when traveling gets stressful,’ he added. 

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An over-sized scarf

Mapuana Faulkner, an attendant for Hawaiian Airlines, said she can never leave without an over-sized garment.

She says she uses the scarf for a number of things, including covering her face while she sleeps, using it as a picnic blanket and wearing it as a casual pool cover up. 

‘Hawaiian flight attendants never leave home without at least one pareo. It’s a colorful, oversize scarf extraordinaire. 

‘It can be a soft, breathable fabric throw to toss over your head on the plane so no one sees you sleeping with your mouth open, a casual pool cover-up, or an impromptu picnic blanket,’ she added. 

Sweet potatoes 

Another travel essential of Mapuana’s is sweet potatoes, which she snacks on when she’s hungry.

She says she eats the vegetable for its high levels of fiber and antioxidants.

Mapuana explained: ‘Always consider agricultural restrictions when traveling to certain destinations.

‘They’re much easier to consume without making a mess and are generally made up of the same components,’ she added. 

Luggage organizers 

Vinnie explained that, as well as carrying a journal, he brings luggage organizers with him on his travels. 

The flight attendant said using the organizers will help ‘compartmentalize and compress clothing’.


Vinnie also makes sure he has a good book on hand while travelling for work. 

He said having a good distraction on a flight is key to helping passengers, especially those suffering with anxiety, to relax. 

And if reading isn’t for you, Vinnie explained that reading is just one way to ease the your nerves, but there are others too. 

‘Try to watch a movie, read a book, or start a conversation with your seatmate,’ he said.  

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By Charlie Lankston for DailyMail.com 

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