Javi Marroquin Is ‘Sick’ Of Being Used As An ‘Emotional Punchbag’ By Kailyn Lowry

Javi Marroquin is completely fed up with ex Kailyn Lowry dragging him into her drama and he’s ready to move on from all of her emotional baggage once and for all.

Javi Marroquin, 25, is done with ex-wife Kailyn Lowry‘s games and he’s ready to put her behind him so he can properly move on with his life and his new pregnant girlfriend Lauren Comeau. “Javi is sick of being used as an emotional punchbag by Kailyn, he’s not just some character in her life, and he’s through with being played by her over and over,” a Teen Mom insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Javi has moved on, he’s crazy in love with Lauren, and can’t wait for their baby to be born, he’s moved on and wishes Kailyn would do the same. It seems like every week she comes up with some new fictitious account of their relationship, and he’s done with her games and bullsh*t. Kailyn claims she wishes she had never married Javi, and that she only did it out of desperation, but she’s incapable of letting him go, and continues to drag him into her drama, which would seem to imply she still has feelings for him.”

In addition to his own feelings, Javi thinks Kailyn’s actions are affecting Lauren’s feelings and their young son, Lincoln‘s. “It’s disrespectful to Lauren to have to constantly hear Kailyn talking about Javi, not to mention damaging to their son,” the insider continued. “One day Lincoln will be grown up enough to read all this stuff that Kailyn writes and says about his dad, and that’s really not OK with Javi—he doesn’t publicly trash talk Kailyn, and all he wants is for her to do the same.”

Javi gave an indication of his annoyed feelings about Kailyn when he took to Twitter on Sept. 22 to tweet a message about how he was sick of the lies she was spreading, especially in her new book, “A Letter of Love”. In the book, Kailyn talks about how she knew she was going to regret marrying Javi before they even got hitched. “I’m really getting sick and tired of reading this sh**,” Javi’s tweet read. “Forreal. The only reason she says this is to seek validation from her new relationship and convince herself its ok. I’m getting fed up with this. I didn’t sign anything to use my name. Maybe I should get my attorney too.”

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