Kendall Jenner’s Nude Photoshoots Make Caitlyn Jenner Proud: It’s ‘Art’

The Internet may not have been a fan of Kendall Jenner’s leaked naked photoshoot, but her dad Caitlyn Jenner ‘could not be more proud.’ Here’s why Cait supports her daughter’s choice to post nude.

Trolls were pretty mean to Kendall Jenner this week when a naked photoshoot she did leaked online. After the images found their way onto the Internet, Twitter quickly erupted with jokes about her riding a horse completely naked, and body-shaming comments about her thin physique. But there’s one person who thinks Kendall did a beautiful job with the photoshoot. Caitlyn Jenner “could not be more proud of Kendall and has no issues with her posing nude,” a source close to Caitlyn tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

“As far as Caitlyn’s concerned nudity is part of a modeling career so it’s something to be expected. She knows how hard Kendall works and doesn’t see anything wrong with her participating in this sort of art,” our insider explains, adding that the transgender activist thinks “there’s nothing offensive about it.”

Caitlyn’s approach to parenting also plays a role in how she views her daughter’s decisions. “Caitlyn takes a lot of pride in Kendall,” our source says. “That’s her little girl and she respects her choices and thinks the world of everything she does.”

The model hasn’t spoken publicly about the leaked images or the criticism she’s received online. However, she did appear to troll her trolls just one day later. Kendall took to her Instagram story on Sept. 12 to share a video of her riding another horse (this time fully clothed). So yeah, Kendall knows that when haters try to knock you down, the best thing to do is get back on the horse… literally.

HollywoodLife reached out to reps for comment.

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