Neighbour screams and swears at her kids all the time – what can we do?

The mum, dad and two children, aged seven and five, moved in last year. My wife and I are in our thirties.

My wife hears the mum scream and swear at the kids constantly before school and after they get home.

I work in an all-male environment where there can be a fair bit of swearing but even I was shocked at what she was calling her kids. To me it amounts to verbal abuse and I want to say something.

When the weather was so hot this summer, we couldn’t sit out in our own garden without hearing her screaming at her children.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is very damaging for children to be abused like this – but best you and your wife don’t try to tackle the mother.

That could just make things worse.

Please do act, though. Explain what is happening in confidence to the NSPCC’s helpline (, 0808 800 5000).

They will make sure the right action is taken to protect the children.

My e-leaflet Worried A Child Is At Risk? explains further.

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