Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry Shades Jenelle Evans Again: She Needs To ‘Clean Her Act Up’

Kailyn Lowry updated HollywoodLife on her relationship with co-star Jenelle Evans, whom Kailyn prefers to not be ‘associated with’ until she ‘cleans her act up.’ We’ve got more details on their feud.

Kailyn would actually like to distance herself from Jenelle even more! While she doesn’t anticipate Jenelle getting booted from the show, she said, “Hopefully, Jenelle cleans her act up and we don’t have to worry about being associated with her.” Despite their icy relationship and affinity for social media call-outs, Kailyn tried to break the silence after Jenelle’s 911 call surfaced in Oct. 2018! In the call, you can hear Jenelle allege that her husband, David Eason, “assaulted” her and “pinned her to the ground,” which she later denied and blamed on a drunken misunderstanding.

“Despite the drama that Jenelle and I have, I had actually reached out to her, I tweeted it, I reached out to our executive producer, Larry [Musnik], to see if everything was fine,” Kailyn revealed to us. But she claimed she heard crickets. “I didn’t get a response from anybody. So I just leave them and their situation alone because it’s none of my business.” And yet, regardless of their ongoing feud, Kailyn hopes that Jenelle and her three kids Jace, 9 Kaiser, 4, Ensley, 2, “are safe.”

While on the subject of Jenelle’s husband, she reflected on the homophobic tweets that got him fired from Teen Mom OG in Feb. 2018. “Obviously, it’s unfortunate. Part of me feels like, maybe that’s how he was raised and so we can’t really blame him necessarily,” she said. “But part of me is like, ‘It’s 2019, educate yourself, accept people for who they are.’” That’s a message Kailyn also tried to get across in Nov. 2018. After a fan asked Jenelle in an Instagram Q&A “why is Kail always on your case,” she replied, “Maybe she’s confused about her sexuality.” Kailyn thought it was a hypocritical answer, tweeting shortly afterwards, “How does one claim he/she is not homophobic but proceed to insult my sexuality in the same sentence? Asking for myself… 💀🙄.” The tensions haven’t changed since.

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