The EXACT workout used by Victoria’s Secret model Winnie Harlow

Train like an Angel! The EXACT workout used by model Winnie Harlow to prepare for her first ever Victoria’s Secret show revealed

  • Winnie Harlow, 24, visited gym up to three times a week in the run-up to show 
  • The Canadian model’s workout focused on full body strength training 
  • Routine was developed by an elite personal trainer at Third Space London 

Winnie Harlow stormed the catwalk in her first ever Victoria’s Secret show yesterday – after training hard in the gym for one of the biggest fashion event’s of the year.

And now, the exact workout used by the Canadian model, 24, to get into shape for the catwalk show in New York has been revealed.

Winnie visited the gym up to three times a week in the run-up, focusing on full body strength training followed by low intensity cardio exercises.

Elite personal trainer Luke Worthington at Third Space London explained how he developed a six-move workout especially for the Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Winnie Harlow has been busy in the gym ahead of her first ever Victoria’s Secret show in New York yesterday (above)

The training programme – which involved squats and hip thrusts using weights – was designed to ensure Winnie was able to develop some lean muscle in her hamstrings, glutes and back to achieve an athletic toned look. 

Luke told FEMAIL: ‘People are often surprised to hear that supermodels lift weights – but hopefully they’re the living proof that women training with weights do not bulk-up.’

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He continued:  ‘Sessions always begin with addressing alignment, core stability and activation of the main muscles we would be working. 

‘Core strength is important for Winnie to maintain her posture and counteract a mild scoliosis.’

Winnie, 24, has been visiting the gym up to three times a week in the run-up to yesterday’s fashion show 


For the following sequence of exercises, use heavy weights first for the biggest movements, before progressing on to higher rep, single joint movements with lighter weights.

Move 1 – Squat

Number of reps: 4 sets of 6-8 reps with 2 mins of rest in-between

Muscles worked: prime movers, quads, hamstrings, glutes

Stand with feet hip distance apart. Keeping the back flat and core engaged, bend the knees until thighs are parallel to the floor. Push up to return to starting position. Optional: hold weight in front of chest. 

Elite personal trainer Luke Worthington has devised a six-move workout. The first move is squats, which can be done while holding weights in front of your chest 

Move 2 – Barbell hip thrust

Number of reps: 3 sets of 12 reps with 1-minute rest in-between

Muscles worked: Prime movers, glutes, hamstrings

Starting position on the floor, with shoulders and shoulder blades against the bench and feet flat on the floor with knees bent. Hold the barbell parallel to the floor lying over the hips. Driving through the heels squeezing the glutes to thrust up the hips and brace the core so the bum leaves the floor. Return to starting position smoothly.

The second move involves barbell hip thrusts, in order to work the glutes and quads 

Move 3 – Reverse lunge

Number of reps: 3 sets of 12 reps with 1-minute rest in-between

Muscles worked: prime movers, glutes, quads

Stand upright with hands on the hips. Take a long step backwards with the right foot. Lower the hips so that the left thigh becomes parallel to the floor with the knee directly over the ankle. The right knee should be at a 90 degree angle with the heel lifted. Push through the leg to return to starting position and repeat the move on alternate legs. 

Reverse lunges involve stepping backwards into a traditional lunge position, rather than forwards. The knee should be at a 90 degree angle

Move 4 – Swiss ball leg curl

Number of reps: 3 sets of 15 reps. No rest go immediately to Move 5 and repeat.

Muscles worked: prime movers hamstrings, glutes

Begin on the floor laying on the back with feet on top of the Swiss ball. Position the ball so that when the legs are extended the ankles are on top of the ball. Raise the hips off of the ground, keeping weight on the shoulder blades and feet. Bend the knees, pulling the ball as close in as possible, contracting the hamstrings. Return to the starting position. 

Winnie’s workout also includes three sets of Swiss ball leg curls of 15 reps each. This involves pulling the ball as close to you as possible 

Move 5 – Frog pumps

Number of reps: 2 sets of 30 reps

Muscles worked: prime movers, glutes

Lie on the floor and put the bottoms of feet together to make a diamond shape with your legs. Keeping the back neutral and shoulders rolled back, tuck the neck into chest and lift and lower the hips, keeping the knees outs as far as possible. Return to the floor and repeat. 

Personal trainer Luke also put Winnie through the paces with two sets of frog pumps of 30 reps each

Move 6 – Swiss ball roll outs

Number of reps: 3 sets of 8 reps with 1-minute rest in-between.

Muscles worked: prime movers, core 

Kneel on a mat with elbows resting on a Swiss ball and hands in a prayer position. Roll the ball forward on the elbows as far as possible without sagging the back. Keeping the core engaged, roll the ball back to the starting position. 

The final move of the routine involves 3 sets of Swiss ball roll outs of 8 reps each 

Luke explained how Winnie would also do low intensity stationary bike sessions in order ‘to keep body fat low and ensure Winnie didn’t burn away that hard earned lean muscle.’

It comes after fellow Victoria’s Secret model Georgia Fowler, 26, showed what it really takes to sculpt a body ahead of the event, sharing an exercise video of herself on Instagram. 

In the clip, the Aussie model can be seen putting herself through the paces with a weight training routine. 

She explained: ‘Put in work today, everything from jump rope to sprints and pull-ups. Here is a peek into a few of the finishing touches.’

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