The One Unique Galentine’s Day Gift To Get Your Best Friend, Based On Their Sign

If you prefer Galentine’s Day to Valentine’s Day and look forward all year to the brilliant excuse to celebrate your female friendships, I’m sure Feb. 13 can’t come soon enough! That said, if you haven’t picked out a gift for each of your besties yet, you might be hoping to buy some more time. Buying gifts for the people you love the most can be extremely challenging. It’s almost as if you want to get them everything and yet nothing is good enough. To make things easier, I’ve put together a list of best friend Galentine’s Day gifts based on zodiac signs, because who knows your friends better than the stars?

When you’re extremely close to someone, it’s hard to be objective about what they will and won’t like. Add the pressure of a holiday and getting a simply gift for someone you know well becomes impossible. Most likely, your gal pals aren’t even expecting a gift, which is good, but also means that there will be a lot of attention on whatever you do get them. That said, there’s no reason to stress out over Galentine’s Day gifts, that’s not what the holiday is about. So take a load off and stop trying to guess what the perfect gift is, just get your bestie a gift that they’re cosmically engineered to appreciate.

Depending on our personality traits, we’re each more likely to appreciate different kinds of gifts. Each sign has a different love language and taking that into consideration makes buying gifts way easier — it gives you a clear guide. Show your bestie you love them by getting them a gift that speaks the same language that they does. Here’s a Galentine’s Day gift for each bestie under each sign of the zodiac:


Core Series Gel Boxing Gloves


Sanabul Sports

Aries are bold, adventurous, and love trying new things. They’re especially excited by the prospect of something physically challenging. Get them a pair of chic boxing gloves that are eco-friendly and badass, just like them! Just make sure you’re willing to go to a boxing class with her, too.


Pamper & Renew Giftbox


Winston Flowers

Taurus are all about flowers and candles and the classic gestures, but you don’t want to get your bestie just any old bouquet or candle. Get her a masterfully curated gift box that includes not only an air plant and handmade candle, but a few seriously indulgent spa products so that she can have the at-home spa day that she deserves.


Polaroid Mint Instant Print Camera



Geminis’ love to create, and they love opportunities to do so. They’re also obsessed with tech gadgets, so combine both interest and gift your Gemini bestie a camera that instantly prints out pictures so that she can capture the world and then make something with it. Each photo that’s printed out of the Polaroid Mint has a sticker back lining so that you can attach it to walls, scrapbooks and more.


Cancer Crystal Set


Love by Luna

Cancers are really sentimental. They swoon for gifts that feel personal and meaningful. They also respond to color and texture in a heightened way, so a Cancer-themed crystal collection is the epitome of a perfect gift for the Cancer girl in your life.


WF Workwear Coverall



Leos love to stand out, they thrive when they’re surrounded by bright dazzling colors and when they’re in the spotlight. I can’t imagine many more ways to stand out than by wearing an entirely pink coverall jumpsuit, so you might want to gift this beauty to the boldest Leo in your life.


Costway 5 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta



Virgos like to tinker with things. They like to learn about new gadgets, they like to master new tools, and they love a gift that puts them to work. If the Virgo in your life is a pasta lover, gift her this five-way pasta maker. Not only will your Virgo bestie love how practical this gift is, it will ensure you many-a pasta dinner invitations in the future.


The Cavalier Maverick Speaker



Libras are at peace when they’re listening to music. Any old listening device won’t suffice though, Libras like high quality sound and they’re proud of their gadgets. Gift your Libra bestie a portable speaker that she’ll literally take everywhere with her and enjoy all the high quality tunes you’re treated to because of it.


Thelma & Louise Friendship Necklace



You might call the Scorpio in your life wild, but you’d also probably call them the yin to your yang. The two of you are different, but together, you’re an adventurous duo and have more in common that you might have suspected. Gift your ride or die the ultimate ride or die reference there is.


Green Ivy


The Bouqs Co.

Sags are wild at heart, and would always rather be outside. Help them feel a little bit more comfortable inside this winter by bringing a beautiful plant into their home. This ivy plant will grow and grow, keeping your best Sag friend good company indoors.


Custom Shampoo & Conditioner


Function Of Beauty

Capricorns are all about efficiency. Whenever possible, they’ll pick a custom option because they want to make sure they’re using the best possible things for themselves, and not for the masses. Cater to the Capricorn in your life and get them a gift certificate for a custom shampoo and conditioner kit that will be so unique to their specific hair care needs, the bottle will even say their name on it.


Morandi Bud Vase


Canvas Home

Aquarius are inspired by art and this vase is literally inspired by the still life paintings of Giorgio Morandi. This fact not only makes it the perfect host to Vday flowers to come, but also the perfect piece of decor for the Aquarian’s eclectic home.


Aromatherapy Shower Head


Cirrus Shower

Pisces are water creatures, they love to be in the water and they are constantly seeking similar calming activities, aka, they’ll sit in the tub or shower for hours. This unique shower head attachment can turn any shower into a spa shower. Gift your Pisces bestie a very legitimate excuse to spend even more time in the shower than they already do. Plus, this shower head saves water making it eco-friendly in addition to being very Pisces-friendly.

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