The richest pets in the world are worth MILLIONS

Meet the richest PETS in the world: New rankings spotlight dogs, cats, and even a HEN who are worth millions thanks to celebrity owners, film appearances, and hefty inheritances

  • Insurance aggregator Compare the Market recently debuted its first-ever Pet Rich List
  • It includes the 35 richest animals in the world — and FEMAIL has spotlighted ten
  • Some, like Gunther IV and Conchita the dogs, inherited their fortunes from rich owners
  • Others, like Grumpy Cat, got famous and made their own money
  • A few rich pets belong to celebrities, like Taylor Swift’s cat, Oprah’s dogs, Karl Largefeld’s cat, and Betty White’s dog 

For normal nine-to-fivers, those social media ‘influencers’ who rake in hundreds of thousands — or even millions — of dollars are certainly enough to inspire envy. But what about the non-humans who are worth more than we could ever hope to have? 

Insurance aggregator Compare the Market recently debuted its first-ever Pet Rich List, ranking the stealthiest animals around the world.

Making the cut are dogs, cats, a bear, and even a chicken who’ve made their fortunes through branding, starring in films, or being lucky enough to come into a very hefty inheritance.

To be in THAT doghouse! Gunther IV inherited $375 million from his dad, Gunther III — who inherited his fortune from his human owner

1. Gunther IV: $375 million

The world’s richest animal is a German Shepherd from Germany — who is living anything but a ruff life.

Gunther IV inherited his fortune the way many do, from his father, Gunther III. Gunther III, meanwhile, inherited the money from his owner, German countess Karlotta Leibenstein, who died in 1991.

The countess actually left Gunther III $106 million, but the money was invested by trustees and grew. 

According to Investopedia, Gunther IV once purchased a villa from Madonna for more than $3 million, as well as a rare white truffle for $1,500. 

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Even wealth hasn’t cheered her up! Grumpy Cat is worth $99.5 million thanks to social media fame

2.  Grumpy Cat: $99.5 million

As opposed to Gunther IV, who got his money via trust fund, Grumpy Cat is a self-made millionaire.

The six-year-old mixed-breed feline, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, became an internet sensation thanks to her grumpy expression — and pictures her owner Tabatha Bundesen shared online.

The viral fame helped her nab paid media appearances, sell merchandise, and even inspire the 2014 movie, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, in which she was voiced by Aubrey Plaza. 

The purr-fect life: Taylor Swift’s kitty Olivia Benson is reportedly worth $97 million

3. Olivia Benson: $97 million

It’s good to be Taylor Swift’s pet.

Though the singer has two cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, it’s Olivia — named for the Law & Order: SVU detective — who’s the really privileged pussy.

A four-year-old Scottish Fold, Olivia lives in the lap of luxury in Taylor’s many homes, but is making her own coin by appearing alongside her owner in commercials and ad campaigns for Keds, Diet Coke, and AT&T. 

You get a trust fund! And you get a trust fund! Oprah’s five beloved dogs are said to be getting $30 million in the mogul’s will

4.  Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla and Luke: $30 million

We’ve all seen the lavish gifts Oprah Winfrey gives to strangers, so one can only imagine how well her loved ones live.

And her loved ones aren’t all human, whatever Stedman Graham and Gayle King might say. Oprah has five dogs who are truly enjoying a luxe life.

Golden retrievers Luke and Layla, cocker spaniel Sadie, and springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren all have a trust fund, with Oprah reportedly set to leave them $30 million in her will. 

Totally cuckoo: Gigoo the hen inherited $15 million when her owner died

5. Gigoo: $15 million

While the staggering net worths of the dogs and cats on this list are shocking, they’re also not all that surprising — it’s no secret how devoted many people are to their house pets.

But even to animal lovers, it might seem totally cuckoo that a British hen is worth $15 million.

Giggo was owned by British multi-millionaire publisher Miles Blackwell — and when Blackwell died in 2011, he left her $15 million in his will. 

He wasn’t entirely frivolous, though: Most of his fortune was left to charity, with that $15 million earmarked to care for the chicken after he died. 

Pampered pooch: Socialite Gail Posner left her three dogs, including Conchita, a fortune including her mansion

8. Conchita: $11.3 million

Skipping down the list to number eight on the list is a Chihuahua who raked in the big bucks when her owner, socialite Gail Posner, passed in 2010.

Posner left a multimillion dollar trust fund — as well as her mansion — to her three dogs, including Conchita.

The pups continue to have a full-time staff, wear sparkly Cartier necklaces, and get pampered with spa treatments every week.

According to Posner’s son, though, the canine inheritance is not all it seems to be. He claims that his mother’s household staff ‘brainwashed’ her to leave her fortune to her dogs so that they would be taken care of.

Wild wealth: Bart the Bear 2 earned his money by appearing in films and TV shows

10. Bart the Bear 2: $6 million

The only bear on the list, 18-year-old Bart the Bear 2 comes in at number 10.

Like the enterprising Grumpy Cat and Taylor Swift’s famous feline, Bart’s worked hard for the money, having appeared in such films and TV shows as Dr. Dolittle 2, Without a Paddle, An Unfinished Life, Evan Almighty, Into the Wild, We Bought a Zoo, and Game of Thrones.

He lives with his trainers, Doug and Lynne Seus, at Wasatch Rocky Mountain Wildlife, Inc., in Heber City, Utah.

Golden girl: Betty White’s Golden Retriever is allegedly getting $5 million when she passes

11. Pontiac: $5 million

Another celebrity pet on the list, Pontiac the Golden Retriever calls actress Betty White ‘mom’ — or would, if he could talk. 

‘He’s such a sweet boy. We have a really good time, and when I really take a day off, the two of us kick back and have fun,’ she told People. 

And in acknowledgement of that companionship, the Golden Girls star has reportedly left Pontiac a $3 million trust fund when she passed. 

Meow! Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette is worth more than many humans, but she’s too chic to acknowledge it

13. Choupette: $3.5 million

Karl Lagerfeld’s six-year-old cat Choupette is nearly as famous as the Chanel designer himself.

She has her own social media presence, has appeared in photoshoots for Lagerfeld’s Chanel, and even has her own branded fashion items like designer sweaters, scarves, bags, and jewelry.

Standing in as her owner’s feline muse has paid off: Choupette reportedly eats at the dinner table with Karl, has her own gadgets like an iPad, and has not one but two maids just for her.  

Not monkeying around: Michael Jackson’s former pet chimp Bubbles inherited $2 million and now lives in Florida

14. Bubbles: $2 million

Bubbles the chimpanzee was really living it up back when he was Michael Jackson’s sidekick, traveling the world and hanging at Neverland ranch.

But since the singer’s death, he’s been relaxing at a monkey sanctuary Florida.

And now he’s making some money of his own: According to the New York Post, Bubbles now paints, and his works of art have sold at auction in Miami for up to $1,500 a piece.

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