Why Kylie Jenner Would ‘Absolutely Love’ To Have Another Baby With Travis Scott

Sounds like the KarJenner clan isn’t done growing! Kylie may have just given birth to Stormi eight months ago, but a source tells us she’s already excited to get started on a second.

Does this mean Stormi Webster might be getting a sibling soon? The eight-month-old is too cute for words, and rumor has it her parents Kylie Jenner, 21, and Travis Scott, 26, are ready for a second. “Kylie would absolutely love to have another baby with Travis, but she wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if it doesn’t happen sometime soon,” a source close to the couple told Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Kylie definitely wants to have more children at some point and she’s having a lot of fun practicing with Travis in the meantime. However, she realizes a baby will come when the time is right and knows that whatever is meant to be, will be.” Sounds like the right attitude!

Basically, Kylie isn’t stressing. Instead, the insider added that she’s “enjoying every second being a new mom to Stormi. Kylie loves the fact that she comes from a big family and how close she is with all of her sisters. She really wants to give Stormi that same experience and would love to give her a little brother or sister.” This scoop comes just a couple of days after the makeup mogul admitted in a YouTube collab with James Charles, 19, that she wanted to have seven girls. That’s right! It’s a big fam or bust, for Kylie and Travis — but she wants all little ladies first. “I want like seven girls, then maybe I’ll consider a boy,” she admitted.

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