Your horoscope with Lilith

A sextet of retrograde planets in hibernation suggests endings and transformations: think caterpillar meltdown to ground zero as the necessary preparation before butterfly liftoff…

ARIES: As Leo planets brighten the Aries fire, Mars in the sign of industry ignites your problem-solving get up and go. A very creative week, when life's trials and tribulations, lessons and pleasures are even more warmly enjoyed when shared with others. Only proviso? No need to give away everything upfront. Keep a little in reserve.

Sagittarius, the Archer.   In mythology, Sagittarius represents the creature known as the centaur - half man half horse.  The centaur was supposed  to  hold a bow and arrow aimed at the heart of Scorpio, a neighbouring constellation.

Sagittarius, the Archer. In mythology, Sagittarius represents the creature known as the centaur – half man half horse. The centaur was supposed to hold a bow and arrow aimed at the heart of Scorpio, a neighbouring constellation.

TAURUS: With Mars backtracking into Capricorn, this cycle of big change and new choices gives your sturdy earth sign an ambitious, energetic push for business initiatives, while Venus in the sign of collaboration promises pleasurable professional networking. Is it time to organise a team-building get-together or work lunch?

GEMINI: Even Geminis might find it hard to get a word into the current l-me-myself-personally conversations dominating the airwaves. Just let them have their day and their say, and go your own sweet way. Agree to disagree, because those you do have rapport with will be stimulating, and this week's networking particularly profitable.

CANCER: In spite of turnarounds in your social circle, unmet expectations and mechanical malfunctions, this week has many pleasurable moments and congenial connections as long as you keep disagreements cordial. Cosmic conditions are auspicious for home entertaining, creative pursuits and addressing something that's been sidelined and is now clamouring for attention.

LEO: With a sun/Mercury conjunction and weekend new moon in Leo, you won't be hiding your confident, charismatic light. An inspiring week for your majesties, in which being aware of other people's needs and sensitivities could help avert animosity over who's boss of what. Note to self: don't be tempted to inflate minor discords.

VIRGO: Since even the mildest observation may be taken as vicious criticism this week, aim for positive outcomes by focusing on what could go right, not what went wrong. Everyone loves praise, and a well-placed compliment or two will go a long way to smoothing difficult situations, as will considerate gifts or offers of help.

LIBRA: Despite the possibility of work or health surprises, Venus your lucky charm in Libra continues your prime popularity cycle when others are definitely going to want what you've got. If mid-week Libra moon stimulates an irresistible urge to splurge on something absolutely fabulous, well, you can resist everything except temptation.

SCORPIO: Retro Mars can be assertive, competitive and pressuring, so this week could call for all of your signature self-control. Avoid secret stewing during late week Scorpio moon – that only increases aggravation. This week offers a rare opportunity to address thorny issues in a spirit of compassion and understanding.

SAGITTARIUS: A significant move or lifestyle change is in the offing, and you'll save yourself trouble this week by not making assumptions or taking anything for granted because opinion, yours or anyone else's, isn't fact. Check what you hear, read and think. Socialising is likely to be cozy, warm and convivial – when it isn't heated and contentious.

CAPRICORN: This week focuses on what you share with others: resources, finances, assets and information. Mars retrograding into Capricorn puts pep in your step and a wiggle in your walk, along with the slightly annoying possibility you may have to revisit something already signed off on – though resolution shouldn't take more than a fortnight.

AQUARIUS: Six planets' retrograde tests everyone's patience. With dramatic reactions and overblown emotions at play on this week's stage, the more you maintain a practical, reliable, objective mindset the more pleasant and effective your week will be. Look for others on your wavelength and avoid situations known to press your buttons.

PISCES: Retrogrades bring up old friend and relationship issues for reconciliation and resolution. They're the astro-cycle of second chances, so if you get a no response this week, it might work to rethink your approach and try again – because if anyone knows how to apply the fine art of gentle persuasion, it's a Pisces.

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