Nick Grimshaw hopes leaving BBC Radio 1 breakfast job will help him find love

Nick Grimshaw is switching his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show to a more sociable drive-time slot, and he’s hoping the move will help him find love.

Grimmy, whose last show aired today (August 9), reflected on his six-year stint as Radio 1’s early bird while chatting to The Mirror, calling the job “quite stressful”.

But it’s not just “being able to walk the dogs, being able to not have breakfast stood up” that the DJ is looking forward to – he also can’t wait to be able to go on dates again.

that was funnnnnnnnn. Thanks for waking up early and listening to me for the past 6 years. A lot has happened in my life in that time but you guys and the show have been my constant. There’s been births, deaths, broken bones, broken hearts and I’ve had some of the worst hangovers of my life broadcast live to millions. Enjoy the summer and see you when we’re back to school in Septmber…only this time from 4pm. 💫

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(There’s nothing wrong with a wholesome daytime date, Nick.)

“I have committed to this show, especially the last year, and I have put my head down. But now I can go for dates with people and the new show will help,” he explained.

“I have been trying to date people, but you don’t want to ‘day date’,” he said, “even two weeks ago, I went on a date and then he said, ‘Do you want to go to the cinema, it’s at 8.20pm?'”

Admitting that no film is worth the sacrifice of a decent sleep – not even Mamma Mia! – Nick said that getting enough hours in before his alarm goes off has always been the priority.

“And I was thinking, ‘8.20. Argh, the film won’t start until 8.50, so it won’t finish before 11’, so home and asleep at midnight and that is if I fall asleep straight away.”

Greg James will be taking over Grimmy’s spot from now on, as Nick takes his place hosting the 4pm-7pm slot. Imagine the lie-in you can get with that start time…

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