Netflix tidying expert Marie Kondo reveals how you should be packing your suitcase

Before she hit the small screens with her Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, she revealed the best way to pack a suitcase.

In a video with Apartment Therapy, Marie shared her best tips and tricks on how to pack better and fit more items into a suitcase.

She starts the video by explaining that everything should be laid out, before you categorise your clothing by type.

While most people recommends rolling clothes to save space, she says that folding and packing your clothes vertically can "save space".

By folding things as small as possible, items such as swimwear, underwear and even jumpers and dresses can fit neatly together to save space.

Thinner items, she recommends, should be rolled to prevent wrinkles when unpacked.

Toiletries and make up should all be packed together in one bag.

Cords also need to be in a bag to prevent them from getting tangled – clear plastic pouches are useful so you can easily see what is in each one.

Shoes and underwear should also get their own bags to separate them from other items, and avoid them getting dirty or damaged.

A handy tip she gives is to tuck underwear into bra cups to save more space.

Marie also recommended the "spark joy" test which she is known for.

Essentially, if an item doesn't bring you much happiness or use then you should leave it out.

At the end, she reveals a spacious suitcase packed with things you would actually use on holiday.

KonMari isn't the only way to pack your pack.

Other methods of packing include the "ranger roll" technique, as recommended by a former soldier.

In a video, he revealed how the roll, often used in the army, prevents items from unravelling in the suitcase and keeps them neat.

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