The worst flight attendant behaviour of all time – from fake emergencies to theft and vandalism

But it turns out they do have their limit.

Over the years, there have been a handful of cases where flight attendants have snapped, caused mayhem on the plane.

The reasons for the rage ranged from bags in the overhead lockers to particularly gruelling flight routes.

From stealing the possessions of sleeping passengers to jumping out of the plane via in the emergency slide, they have made their departure in spectacular fashion.

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Can't let it slide

In 2013, A JetBlue flight attendant appeared in the career departure lounge by resigning in spectacular fashion.

After getting into an argument with a passenger, when he got hit on the head with a bag that fell out of the overhead compartment, Steven Slater announced via loudspeaker that they can "take this job and shove it.”

He then opened the emergency exit, grabbed a couple of cold beers and slid down to the tarmac at New York's JFK Airport.

Light fingers

In 2010, an Air France flight attendant was arrested for stealing from Business Class passengers mid-air.

The suspect allegedly stole credit cards, cash, jewellery and watches from travellers while they slept.

One on flight between Tokyo and Paris, passengers complained of missing around £4,000 of foreign currency.

Flaming rage

In 2008, a flight attendant angry about his work route set a fire in a plane bathroom, forcing an emergency landing, authorities said.

The Compass Airlines flight carrying 72 passengers and four crew members from Minneapolis to Regina, Saskatchewan, landed safely in Fargo on May 7 after smoke filled the back.

Court documents said Rojas, of the Twin Cities suburb of Woodbury, told authorities he was upset at the airline for making him work the route.

They stated: "Rojas further stated that he was preparing his cart to serve the passengers, he set the cart up, went back to the lavatory and reached
in with his right hand and lit the paper towels with the lighter.”

Dirty demo

In 2010, cabin crew on a British Airways plane poured milk over beds and stuck trolley doors shut with GLUE after flying into a rage with bosses, it
was claimed.

The furious staff also disconnected ovens and blocked sinks with bags of waste, sources say.

The dirty demo happened at the height of the strikes that rocked the airline in the middle of June.

The crew, working on a Sydney-to-London flight, went on the rampage after they found out they were being relieved by "scabs" in Bangkok.

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