Boyfriend makes fiancee fall in love him with him each day as she has amnesia

A devoted boyfriend spends every day making his partner fall in love with him again, after she was left with amnesia following a serious accident.

The moving story has been compared to Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie 50 First Dates, about a woman who suffers short term memory loss after a crash.

According to reports in Japan, a motorcycle smash left the 24-year-old, named Maruyama, unable to recognise those closest to her, including fiancee Li Huayu.

Despite her condition worsening, Li has not given up hope that one day she will remember everything.

Maruyama’s injuries forced the couple to cancel their wedding plans, according to Oddity Central , which cites Japanese TV reports.

According to reports, her memory is wiped clean every morning – meaning Li has to introduce himself to her every morning.

He reportedly told her: "You may have lost your memories, but we can make new ones."

Maruyama writes down everything that happens to her each day, so she can have an idea what is going on in her life.

In one heartbreaking exchange, she is said to have asked Li: "I may lose my memory again, even forget you forever, are you still willing to be with me?"

But she told a TV network: "No matter how many times I lose my memory, I believe I will always fall in love with him.”

Dedicated Li has vowed to stay by her side forever, describing his partner as his soulmate.

Unsurprisingly the lovebirds have been compared to Sandler and Barrymore’s character in the hit 2004 film.

The romantic storyline sees the former woo his partner every day, knowing that she will have forgotten him by the following morning.

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