Dozens more jihadi brides could try and come back to Britain as Sajid Javid vows to BLOCK Shamima Begum from having her baby on NHS

Yesterday Isis teen bride Shamima Begum, 19, caused uproar when she said she wants to come back to Britain to have her third child.

But she expressed no remorse for travelling to join the sickening terror group – and she didn't regret her decision to leave East London when she was just 15 to travel to become a jihadi bride.

And today the Home Secretary said: "If you have supported terrorist organisations abroad I will not hesitate to prevent your return."

He vowed that anyone who travelled abroad to be part of the horrific organisation which were responsible for hundreds of deaths, should face prosecution.

"We must remember that those who left Britain to join Daesh were full of hate for our country,” the home secretary told The Times.

“Daesh is on its knees in Syria, but we know that it continues to plan and inspire attacks both here and abroad. I condemn anyone who has travelled to be part of this barbaric and brutal group — and we must remember that those who left Britain to join Daesh were full of hate for our country.

He said the UK had a "range of tough measures" to monitor anyone with a threat that could come back to the UK.

Authorities could strip them of their British citizenship or even exclude them from the UK.

The Sun Says

JIHADI bride Shamima Begum must never set foot in Britain again.

It is sickening and yet predictable that, having joined a terror cult sworn to destroy the West, she now pines for our free healthcare.

Yes, she was only 15 when she left London. But she was old enough to know right from wrong — to know IS were an evil army of terrorist cut-throats.

Even now she has “no regrets” about supporting the Islamist butchers as they raped and massacred women and children and beheaded hostages. She seems proud she was unmoved by the sight of an enemy’s head in a bin.

No remorse. No tears for the family life she abandoned in Bethnal Green. No nostalgic longing for our food, telly or shops. No hint her mind has changed.

Begum simply no longer has “high hopes” IS will survive and wants taxpayers to look after her and her baby.

We won’t.

Security Minister Ben Wallace rightly won’t lift a finger. He says she will face justice if she turns up. Let’s go further: Strip her of her citizenship. Stop her at the border. She is eligible to become Bangladeshi. Let her try her luck there.

Begum would eradicate our way of life if she could. Why should we pay to house or police her?

The Sun revealed last night that Begum has Bangladeshi parents and they could urge her to seek to return there instead.

New terror laws passed only this month also would put Brits who travel to ISIS areas in prison for up to 10 years.

Yesterday Security minister Ben Wallace warned: "Actions have consequences".

She was found in a refugee camp in Syria by The Times.

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