Elephant calf enchants safari group by coming for a closer look

Play with me! Curious elephant calf enchants safari group by coming up for a closer look and rolling around in the sand in front of their truck

  • Video filmed from a safari truck in Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa
  • Elephant seems to want attention from group of watching tourists
  • It then picks up a stick in the road before following its mother and two others

This is the cute moment that a playful baby elephant runs up to a group of tourists on a safari tour, before it drops down and rolls in the sand. 

In the video, which is filmed from a truck in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa, the elephant appears to want attention as it runs at the group, stops and then makes another mini charge. 

It then drags itself backwards and runs at them yet again, with its feet making lines in the dirt road. 

A video filmed by a group of tourists on a safari truck in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa, shows the cute moment that an elephant calf playfully runs at them 

The elephant’s mother then appears from the vegetation and the calf sits down and plays in the dirt. It picks up a stick and curls it under the end of its trunk. When two other adult elephants appear, the calf gets up and leads its mother across the road

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Seconds later, its enormous mother appears from the bushes and walks across the road. 

The calf quickly sits down in the grass and sand and playfully picks up a stick that is immediately in front of it, curling it at the end of its trunk.

Two more adult elephants then appear behind the mother and, not wanting to be left behind, the little calf chases after them as they cross the road to the grass on the other side. 

When it reaches its mother, it folds its front legs at her feet and then takes the lead to walk into the waiting grass. 

A member of the group who had been filming said: ‘It was a special sighting for myself and the guests on board the safari. An amazing interaction with an incredible little animal!’ 

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