Family’s fury after Jet2 turf them out of plane seats ‘to make way for Coleen Rooney’… and dump them next to toilet

The Chassin family say star-struck staff fawned over the leading Wag — allowing her, her kids and her brothers to take their spots on the return flight from Faro, Portugal, to Manchester.

They were forced to move from their pre-booked row to seats at the back of the cabin — right beside the smelly loos.

Dad-of-one Mark Chassin, 51, had paid a total of £2,735 for the tickets as well as an extra £60 to secure their preferred seats on the July 28 flight.

But he was stunned to find his party had been moved when an air hostess allegedly told him Coleen needed to sit there.

Financial director Mark, from Gtr Manchester, said: “The lady on the check-in desk told us our seats had been changed and that we would have to have new boarding cards.

“She told us we had been moved to accommodate another passenger.

“I found it ridiculous. Unless it is for medical reasons or if a parent and child have been split up I don’t understand why a whole row of us had to be moved for another passenger.

“I spoke to one of the air hostesses and asked why we had been moved and she just pointed out that Coleen Rooney was on board and wanted all of her party to sit together."

Mark's partner Lynn Waterhouse, 52, managed to take a picture of Coleen, the wife of ex-England captain Wayne Rooney, sitting in the seats they had reserved for the three-hour flight.

Mark had booked the seats in January for him, Lynn, son Joshua, 15, dad Tom, 75, Lynn’s sister Kathryn Pullar, 48, and her partner Richard Townend, 45.

A spokesperson for Jet2 insisted Mark and his party were moved to the back row for "safety and operational requirements".

But the airline has only refunded him the £60 seat reservation fee.

Mark added: “She should have hired her own plane if she wanted everyone to sit together.

“I don’t know why she is more important than us. If it was anyone else they would’ve been told the seats were already booked up."

Coleen, 32, had been on a family holiday in the Algarve with brothers Joe and Anthony McLoughlin as well as her four children Kai, eight, Klay, five, Cass, four, and Kit, two.

Today she insisted she knew nothing of the seat switch fiasco.

She wrote on Twitter: "First of all this is the first I know about the situation …. I was given these seats on check in Ana that was that.

"I didn’t ask for certain seats just took what I was given."

Coleen added: "The man whose complaining with the very sarcastic attitude is trying to make me out as some diva … which I am far from… I didn’t know about this situation as I said and I am just a mum traveling with young kids like everyone else.

"The man who has gone to the press over this story ….. get a life, stop trying to pick on and drag down young women and their children".

A spokesperson for Jet2 said: “The aisle seats on the back row of our aircraft must be occupied by passengers aged 14 or above, so this move was necessary for us to meet safety and operational requirements, whilst keeping Mark and his family on the same row.

“We have already been in touch with Mark to apologise for his relocation from row 29 to 33 and have offered a full refund for the cost of the pre-booked seats.”

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