Florida mom-to-be poses for photo-shoot cradling a baby alligator

Is this the most Floridian maternity shoot EVER? Mom-to-be poses cradling and bottle-feeding a baby alligator in front of a case of Bud Light and a shotgun

  • Lindsay Tuttle wanted to stand-out from the crowd in her pregnancy shoot
  • Holding a baby alligator, a shotgun and a case of Bud Light are also seen in shot
  • The mom-to-be wanted to parody Florida stereotypes and has gone viral since 

Florida and alligators go hand in hand – but this mom-to-be might have taken that idea a little too literally.

Lindsay Tuttle, from Tampa Bay, wanted to add a sharp edge to her maternity photo shoot and so she elicited the help of a razor-toothed creature indigenous to her home town. 

The processing manager can be seen cradling a small gator like a baby in her arms as her husband, Fred Tuttle, holds a bottle of milk to its mouth.

Lindsay Tuttle (left) and her husband Fred (right) wanted to add a tongue-in-cheek twist to their maternity photo-shoot, so they decided to play off a number of Florida Stereotypes

Playing on a number of Florida stereotypes, Lindsay is wearing denim shorts and leather boots, with a shotgun and case of Bud Light also in shot.

With the state flag also flying behind the expectant parents, Lindsay posted the picture from the shoot to Facebook which has since gone viral online.

‘Last minute practice for baby,’ wrote Lindsay. ‘Alligators don’t like to bottle-feed, apparently…Didn’t try to breastfeed.’

More than a hundred comments flooded into to the post on Facebook, with one user remarking ‘HOLY S**T I LOVE FLORIDA’.

‘I wanted a picture different than your run of the mill maternity photos of women in the forest being goddesses,’ said Lindsay to WTSP.

The couple’s post went Viral eliciting a series of amusing responses. Their baby is due on March 6 but they’re keeping the gender a secret

Lindsay met Fred the alligator (pictured) a few months ago during the Dysfunctional Grace Art Company educational exhibition

‘[Reddit thread] “Florida Man” has always cracked up my husband and I, so we decided to make me Florida woman.’

Model for the day, Fred the alligator, met Lindsay a few months ago during the Dysfunctional Grace Art Company educational exhibition.

It was there that Lindsay came up with the idea.

‘I pitched the idea to his owner and he was game to help me reach peak Florida levels,’ Lindsay said.

‘Fred is a great big brother and will be a great big brother figure for baby Tuttle.’

Lindsay and Fred’s baby is due on March 6th, but the couple say they’re keeping the gender a secret. 

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