Freddie Mercury's ex-fiancée Mary Austin set for huge £40MILLION windfall after success of Bohemian Rhapsody

The film about the rock band Queen is said to have made around £600million since it was released in October last year, with Austin said to get a share of that.

Austin was a 19-year-old art student when she met the band’s charismatic front man Freddie Mercury in 1970, before he found fame.

They moved in together and got engaged but the relationship ended when he told her he was gay but the pair remained close for the rest of his life.

After he died in 1991, Mercury left 50 percent of his future earnings to her, with a further 25 percent going to his parents and the remaining 25 percent going to his sister.

Austin’s share rose to 75 percent following the death of his parents.

She also inherited his £20m mansion in West London as well as most of his £9m fortune which included his art collection.

The future earnings of the band, famed for a string of hits including Don’t Stop Me Now and Another One Bites the Dust, are said to be split four ways, according to a Daily Mail report.

Austin, now 67, is said to get around 19 percent.

The film was initially panned by critics when it was released but has become a huge hit with fans and picked up two Golden Globes, including best motion picture, last Sunday.

It is now being seen as a possible contender to win an Oscar next month.

Austin said a in a rare interview six years ago that inheriting Mercury’s wealth was a burden that had caused “bitter resentment”.

Mercury once said: “I couldn’t fall in love with a man the same way as I have with Mary.”

The 2018 Sunday Times Rich List valued Brian May’s fortune at £135m, Roger Taylor’s at £130m and John Deacon’s at £105m.

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