Friday’s UK weather forecast – heavy rain and strong winds but south east England will remain dry

Met Office has issued an amber raining as Storm Callum brings heavy rain and into Saturday with chances of flooding.

London weather forecast for 7am on Friday

London weather forecast for 4pm on Friday

UK outlook for Saturday 13 October to Monday 15 October

SATURDAY will see strong winds and heavy rain across most parts of Britain except the south east.

It will be a brighter and cooler day on Sunday with showers still lingering in northern and western regions.

Monday will see the return of unsettled weather with more rain coming in from the west.

UK outlook for Tuesday October 16 to Friday 9 November

STRONG winds and rain will begin to move east on Tuesday with brighter but showery weather in the evening.

Gales are possible particularly in the north west.

Wednesday 17 October will see unsettled weather begin to ease but the rest of the week will see rain and wind dominate the forecast.

Northern regions will be hit by the heaviest rain with drier and brighter weather in the south east.

Temperatures will be close to average but perhaps slightly colder at the times with the chance of overnight frost.

The end of October and beginning of November looks like it'll be mostly unsettled and systems slow-moving.

Like the weeks before, the north and west are most likely to see rain with drier conditions in the south.

Temperatures are likely to fall below average.

UK surface pressure forecast for 1pm Friday

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