Greggs tease ham and pineapple bake sparking heated Twitter debate

After the success of their recently unveiled vegan sausage roll, the bakery chain has been quick to continue the controversy on social media.

An image shared on the GreggsOfficial Twitter page shows a sketch with some ideas for new flavours scattered on the page.

Suggestions include "Fish + Chips", "Chicken Pot Bake" and "Apple Bake", but the most noticeable, highlighted with a box drawn around it is "Ham and Pineapple".

The image was shared with the caption "If you could invent a new bake with ANY filling, what would you choose? 👀".

But of course this had reopened the eternal debate about whether ham and pineapple pizzas are acceptable and it's safe to say there was a mixed reaction, with many Twitter users arguing over the topic.

But many people on Twitter took the opportunity to actually suggest new flavours for Greggs to consider.

Most suggestions were vegan related, after the release of the new vegan sausage roll was such a hit.

There were a huge number of requests for vegan sausage and bean, vegan cheese and a variety of other vegetarian and vegan options.

One tweeter even wrote they would want a "Vegan steak bake so I can see Piers Morgan's head explode", as a nod to the GMB presenter's terrible reaction to the new vegan Greggs product.

Another joker suggested creating a new "gammon" bake, yet another reference to Piers Morgan as he's often referred to as a "gammon".

@GreggsOfficial responded to the tweet saying: "We see what you did there".

While there is no evidence Greggs are actually planning on making a 'ham and pineapple bake', it's likely we can expect some new flavours coming our way soon from the bakery.

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