If this Brexit mess tells us anything it's that not one single party is for the people

I don’t think there has been a more intellectually challenged regime in the world since the famous — and fictitious — Dermot The F***wit presided over part of Ireland in the 12th century.

I suspect the death knell has sounded for Brexit. I always reckoned they — our betters — would never let it happen. Yes, it’s a betrayal of democracy and we should be angry. We should march and stuff.

But it won’t do much good. Because this is what happens when you have a House of Commons, House of Lords, Civil Service and broadcast media all massively in favour of Remain, against the wishes of the majority of the people.

There are ten parties in the House of Commons, if you count Sinn Fein (who don’t take their seats). Nine are by a majority in favour of Remain.

Recently, a new group of so-called Independents formed, drawn from the Labour and Conservative parties. They are even MORE in favour of Remain. So a proper Brexit was never going to get through.

But it’s not just Brexit. On loads of other issues, the party divides in the House of Commons do not remotely match the divide which exists in our country. That’s because all of the parties in Parliament are basically liberal, except for the tiny DUP.

So, take immigration. All of them are in favour of the vast numbers entering the country each year. While more than 80 per cent of the British people want an end to untrammelled immigration.


It’s a Conservative government which is insisting that junior school kids be taught about transgenderism, same-sex partnerships and so on. None of the major parties will stick up for the traditional family — which often offers the best outcomes for children.

But all of the major parties will stick up for Islam, despite the sincere reservations many of the rest of us harbour. They are scared of taking tough action against jihadis who return here from Syria. Most of us would like them booted out of the country, right now.

And they act like this because they are liberals — a dying political creed which is on the run across Europe and the USA and South America. And which has never been very popular in Asia.

I think we need to spend more money on stuff like the NHS, housing and regional development. I think there’s a corrosive divide in the UK between North and South and between the haves and have- nots. I like the idea of our railways being in state hands. That should make me a Labour supporter.

But I cannot abide that anti-Semitic rabble, their loathing of the UK and the nation state — and their support for every form of victimhood which raises its screeching head. Or their support for anti-Western, racist terrorists and failed communist states. Nor, indeed, their generosity in handing out taxpayers’ money to the perpetually idle. My rule is, if you don’t give, you don’t get.

My guess is a lot of people feel the same way. But in the House of Commons there is no party to vote for which squares that circle. Outside Parliament there is — the Social Democratic Party, which is growing rapidly and ticks all those boxes I mentioned above. I joined them recently.

But otherwise we have a House of Commons which, on a whole bunch of crucial issues, does not reflect the opinion of the majority of the country.

If this Brexit catastrophe tells us anything, it’s that our politics MUST change. The people must be given a voice.

Crowded island

AIR pollution in the UK causes more deaths every year than smoking, according to a new report.

And nine million people in the world die every year as a consequence of global air pollution.

These are pretty shocking statistics.

But two thoughts occur.

First, almost everything we’ve done to reduce air pollution hasn’t worked. For example, we tried to force everyone to drive diesel cars.

Then discovered they were even worse than petrol engines.

Second, isn’t it simply because there are more and more of us on this crowded island and on this crowded planet?

You tell 'em, Rachel

HERO of the week is Countdown star Rachel Riley. She just won’t back down, ever. She’s spent the past year calling out the Labour Party for its repulsive anti-Semitism.

For her trouble, she was mercilessly trolled by Corbyn’s groupies. Subjected to insults and threats. Was she worried? Not a bit of it.

She is now suing scores of Lefties for libelling her. Including one of Corbyn’s top advisers – and the deadly boring Sheffield band, Reverend And The Makers.

Way to go, Rachel.

Find your own sewer

VENEZUELA was once one of the most successful countries in South America. Now look at it. Broken, corrupt, violent. The people starving. And reduced to scavenging water out of an open sewer.

The awful socialist government which has reduced Venezuela to ruins was supported all the way by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. They agreed with the catastrophic policies.

If they ever get in power here, remember this: The sewer outside my house is for MY drinking water. Find your own sewer.

All the goblin latest

NEWS just in from Africa. Evil goblins have apparently been terrorising a village in Zimbabwe.

Residents of Ziqaweni awake each morning to find their children have been eaten, their crops destroyed and their livestock slaughtered.

They can be complete b******s, these goblins, apparently.

One villager, who wished to remain anonymous in case the goblins got him, said: “Right now we don’t know how we will be helped because we believe these goblins can be killed but later on come back in full force.”

Well, indeed, it’s a tricky one.

The villagers are clubbing together to hire a “tsikamutanda” – a witch doctor – to cleanse the area.

A few months ago in Zimbabwe, goblins – possibly the same goblins – reportedly “took over” a maternity clinic in Lupaka and had sex with everybody in it, as they do.

This column is often accused of failing to cover news concerning both Africa and, indeed, goblins. I hope that this item has helped to redress the balance.

Russkies a waste of time

RUSSKI scientists reckon they’ve made the world’s first time machine.

It’s all a bit hard to explain but involves tiny subatomic particles behaving weirdly.

But then tiny subatomic particles ALWAYS behave weirdly. So I wouldn’t get your hopes up yet that you’ll be able to swan back in time to say hello to Cleopatra, or watch Millwall hammer West Ham 4-1 on March 21, 2004 (and it should have been SIX).

When some bloke in a strange silver suit comes up to me and says he’s from the year 2525 and he’s not actually from the local loony bin, I’ll believe in time travel.

Because, as nobody, ever, has visited us from the future, that’s a pretty good clue that it’s impossible, no?

Oops, my howler

GETTING a bit sick of the wind.

There’s trees and fences down all over the place in my area.

One of our neighbours has a huge privet hedge which is spilling all over the road. One big gust of wind and that’s our road blocked.

I said to the woman: “You need to trim your bush, love. It’s a menace. And I think there’s a badger living in it.”

She looked at me funny.

Assign of our future

GETTING a bit sick of the wind. There’s trees and fences down all over the place in my area.

One of our neighbours has a huge privet hedge which is spilling all over the road. One big gust of wind and that’s our road blocked.

I said to the woman: “You need to trim your bush, love. It’s a menace. And I think there’s a badger living in it.”

She looked at me funny.

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