It's simply sickening to spend £4bn abroad on dubious foreign aid projects

Road to ruin

But it is simply sickening to spend £4billion abroad upgrading road and rail schemes and urban infrastructure.

Look at the appalling state of OUR roads, needing a £14billion fix of their own. Look at our shambolic rail system and its creaking, crumbling infrastructure overseen by state-run Network Rail.

Look at our public finances, our deficit, our gargantuan debt. Look at the local councils facing bankruptcy.

Listen to the Government, now facing a headache over Universal Credit, insisting every penny must be made to count.

We are entitled to expect decent public services in return for our taxes. What justification can there be for hiving off billions from them to improve transport systems in Pakistan?

Or in India, which has billions for a fleet of new warships and a space programme but needs the British public’s generosity to mend its roads?

It is insane. The consequence of an idiotic law which compels us to donate billions every year no matter how dire our finances or how spurious the cause.

The Sun is all for helping the genuinely needy. But not for foolish virtue-signalling on the world stage.

It is an abuse of public funds and a cast-iron election loser.

Credit crunch

THERESA May must find the cash to help those losing out in the shift to Universal Credit.

The new scheme DOES work well for many. It is far simpler and, crucially, incentivises work. But cuts by former Chancellor George Osborne are now biting too hard. Some claimants face a severe blow to their income.

If the PM is genuinely “listening to concerns”, as she says, then good.

Voters generally back less generous benefit payments. Especially compared with the absurd levels under the last Labour Government, which fostered idleness and trapped huge numbers permanently on the dole. But Brits are famously keen on fair play too.

They won’t support families being stripped of money through no fault of their own.

Not so smart

KIDS don’t need a smartphone in class. It can only wreck their concentration and harm their education.

How can they learn if they’re too busy sneaking a look at Snapchat?

How can they learn if they’re too busy sneaking a look at Snapchat?
So Education Secretary Damian Hinds is right to call on Heads to bar them. Yes, we know phones let parents and kids stay in touch in an emergency.

Other countries have done already.

But generations of pupils survived without them. And the downside is too great.



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