Man spots girlfriend stealing sperm from used condoms ‘to get pregnant without him knowing’

The baffled New Yorker admitted he is "nervous as f***" as he took to an internet forum to ask if what she had done was "legal" if she got pregnant.

Sharing the dilemma to a legal advice forum on Reddit, user yeetocheetow said he and his girlfriend were both in their late 20s and had just had sex.

He said as she is not taking the contraceptive pill, the couple use condoms.

Yeetocheetow explained: "I had just finished and removed the condom and I went to the bathroom after that. She screamed at me […] 'peeing or pooping?' Which I thought was weird as f***."

He said he jokingly told his girlfriend he was "pooping" but he "was just peeing."

He continued: "I came back into the bedroom and found her pouring the contents of my used condom inside her vagina. I'm nervous as f*** honestly and have some questions.

"1) Is this legal at all? 2) What happens if she gets pregnant? 3) I did not consent to her doing this, 4) do I legally own my sperm? 5) what are the odds of her getting pregnant?"

He told users that he tried to stop her by pulling the condom away but "she started screaming bloody f***ing murder and screaming 'rape'".


"I had to leave her alone before someone in my apartment hears and calls the f***ing police."

In Chicago in 2013, a man accused a woman of "stealing" sperm to have a baby – but a judge ruled he could not claim theft as the sperm "were hers to keep", according to NBC.

Responding to the poster's appeal for help, one person said: "I would assume that she is now your ex-girlfriend? Stay away from her and if she tells you that she is pregnant, get a paternity test."

Another said: "Document this – make detailed notes to yourself describing what you observed, and write the date/time of the events, and the date/time you wrote those notes.

"If she gets pregnant, she carries the child to term, and a paternity test proves the baby’s yours, get a lawyer. The lawyer may be able to help you sue for full custody if you want that, or for termination for paternal rights."

One poster added: "Call Planned Parenthood and ask them about the likelihood of getting her pregnant via this method.

"I’m guessing it’s slim to none based on air exposure but I’m no expert. If nothing else, an expert opinion will give you better information."

Another said: "Cut the crazy out of your life immediately. Do not contact her in any way. If she claims to be pregnant demand a paternity test."

One user insisted the poster changed the locks to his apartment, return her belongings through a third party or "somewhere where there are lots of witnesses" and to avoid phone conversations.

They said: "You never want to be alone with her again.

"Avoid phone conversations, and – if one does occur – assume that it's being recorded and don't say anything the least bit ambiguous or sketchy.

"Don't text anything ambiguous that could be seen as threatening. If you can return her stuff by giving it to a sane intermediary, so much the better."

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