McDonald’s manager who was attacked by teen thugs speaks out

McDonald’s manager set on by two teenage thugs stepped in because they ‘drunkenly tried to lock worker in cupboard and steal his glasses’

  • Nathan Whittemore was filmed being attacked by ‘drunk’ teens on Tuesday
  • Jasmine Brudenall, from Boston, Lincolnshire, filmed the disgraceful assault
  • The boys, aged between 16 and 19, were ‘picking on’ and ‘shouting’ at workers
  • When the manager asked them to leave, they ganged up on him in the attack 
  • Pair’s mother said she is ‘very sad and sorry’ and has been getting hate mail 

A McDonald’s manager who was attacked by two thugs as horrified onlookers looked on has revealed he had stepped in to help an employee when the assault started.

Nathan Whittemore, 27, was repeatedly punched by the brothers aged 16 and 19 in Boston, Lincolnshire, on Tuesday but stood his ground to protect his staff.

The mother of the pair has apologised after the footage was shared on Facebook thousands of times.

Mr Whittemore, who stands at 6ft 4ins, told The Sun Online he stepped in after the pair drunkenly abused a colleague. 

When he went to confront them he was set upon at around 11pm.

He said: ‘I was aware that there were young children and families inside the restaurant so I had to remain calm and try and stay professional.

‘But it was extremely hard considering they were hitting me in the face and pulling on my shirt. 

‘I was only left with a few bumps and marks around my neck and back because they were pulling my uniform. It didn’t hurt, luckily they didn’t hit that hard – I’ll live.’ 

Mr Whittemore has been hailed as a hero online and at home his wife Katie said she is ‘proud of him’ but cannot bring herself to see the brutal footage. 

Nathan Whittemore, 27, was attacked at work as he tried to help a colleague. His wife Katie (right) has not seen the viral video

The manager – whose wife Katie admitted she cannot bring herself to watch the footage – even went back to work the next day, despite being offered the day off. 

Although he does not see himself as a hero, Mr Whittemore said he could smell alcohol on the brothers and knew he had to step in. 

The footage shows one of the teenagers throwing punches at the manager, grabbing onto his collar and using his other hand to deliver the vicious blows, after he approached them.

The other teen then joins in on the attack, as both thrash the employee. 

He said: ‘It’s not my job to take a beating, but it’s my job to make sure my staff and customers feel safe and we have a zero tolerance policy towards bad behaviour.

‘If the same thing happened again I wouldn’t do anything differently. I was just glad when they left.’  

Hero Nathan (pictured with wife Katie) was attacked at around 11pm on Tuesday but stood his ground and got the two teenage thugs out of his restaurant

The mother of the teenagers caught ‘drunkenly’ attacking a McDonald’s manager sent this message to apologise for their behaviour 

The mother of the two teenagers has apologised for their ‘unacceptable’ behaviour.

In a Facebook message seen by MailOnline the mother said she is ‘very sad and ashamed my boys would do this’, before promising to ‘deal with the situation’. 

Witness Jasmine Brudenall, 28, captured the brawl on camera, which started when the manager told them to leave for locking an employee in a cupboard and ‘flicking’ his cap.   

When they refused the pair erupted in a fit of rage and launched themselves at the manger, who was forced to fend for himself when no one stepped in.  

Ms Brudenall, of Boston, said the pair were accompanied by their father and all three had been drinking. 

The mother also confessed she has been sent ‘hate comments’ over the incident and begged for them to stop. 

The video starts with Mr Whittemore trying to shield the other smaller employee from the two lawless teenagers, who are acting aggressively towards the two staffers.

Nearby customers have their backs turned away from the scene but can be seen laughing about the situation. 

This is the shocking moment two teen thugs attacked McDonald’s manager Nathan after they were told to leave, as stunned diners watch the brawl but don’t intervene on Tuesday night

Bystander Jasmine Brudenall, from Boston, Lincolnshire, filmed the disgraceful attack at the fast food restaurant location on Tuesday around 11pm

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Jasmine said: ‘The tall McDonald’s worker went up to them and nicely asked ”I’m going to have to ask you to leave”.

‘I sensed it was going to erupt. Sometimes you can tell when someone is so drunk that there is no chance of reasoning with them.’

She said the young men were shouting abuse at workers behind the counter and picked on a smaller employee, who had been locked in a cupboard as they ‘flicked’ his cap

Jasmine added: ‘They were so intoxicated, There was no stopping this – they would have hit anyone who got in the way.

‘The other side of where people were eating were kids and old people. All the other guys were friends with them and carried on laughing.’

Jasmine said that a man in the building was one of the boy’s father. She said he had been drinking too, and once the brawl started he left and got into his truck.  

At one point, one of the teenager tackles the worker to the ground, but still no one intervenes to help.

The scuffle lasts around 30 seconds with the McDonald’s manager holding his own against the two yobs, managing to push them towards the door before the video ends. 

Katie Whittemore has revealed she has been unable to watch the footage of her husband being attacked 

Hero McDonald’s fight manager Nathan Whittemore and wife Katie. Katie has said she is proud of him

Nathan Whittemore and Katie Whittemore live in Lincolnshire where they work as managers 

When the manager asked them to leave, they erupted in a rage and attacked the employee, who was left to fend for himself because no one stepped in to help 

Jasmine added that once they were near the exit, the teens attacked the manager another two times.

She said: ‘When outside at the front off the store they, used a metal bar they pulled off door and tried to hit him.

‘The McDonald’s staff member took a lot of punches. After they’d gone, [he] went into the back.’

Police arrived to the scene around ten minutes after the thugs left, Jasmine said.  

Nathan Whittemore said he was not scared of the brothers and that he was doing what he had to to get them away from scared customers 

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