Mum tells of life next door to neighbour from hell who has carried out two-year campaign of hate over TRAMPOLINE

Sarah Duckworth, 39, said she and her husband check CCTV before leaving the house to make sure Loretta Diplacido is not lurking outside to harass or assault them.

Yesterday we told how Diplacido, 54, was finally hauled before a court after she was caught on film hurling the hot drink at Sarah's mum Azadeh Kent, 63, mocking her and forcing her back indoors.

The family had made 70 complaints about the nightmare neighbour – and despite her conviction for assault she is back living next door to the Duckworths in Leeds.

Her torrent of abuse is said to have begun two years ago when they "politely refused" to let Diplacido's grandson use the trampoline in their garden.

Sarah and husband Mark, 42, claim she spat at them, blocked in their car and threatened to attack them.

And they say it has left them afraid to leave the house with son Rupert, five, and daughter Evelyn, seven.

Today Sarah told ITV's This Morning: "We still have that constant fear she might do something else.

"She might verbally abuse us, physically abuse us. It's very, very tense at our house always."

She added: "We check CCTV before we leave our property. When I'm returning if I know my husband is in I will phone him or text him and ask to have the door open.

"I'm ushering the kids in and out of the car very quickly. It is just awful.

"Your house is your safe haven and we haven't got that. It's very draining mentally."

The Duckworths have begged the council to evict Diplacido from her home, but say the local authority has been "very unhelpful".

Teacher Mark has told the Mail Online: "She made our life hell. We dreaded walking out of the front door.

"Every time we went out the house or were returning – every single time – we felt anxiety."

Mark claims a row over a trampoline in June 2016 sparked a two-year hate campaign.

Leeds City Council declined to comment on calls for Diplacido to be moved.

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