Ohio police find meth, loaded syringe in container marked 'not dope'

Stashing meth in a plastic container marked “not dope” turned out to be a dopey idea.

Ohio police are investigating after a loaded syringe and a stash of meth were found in the container at the local public library.

Rick Sturgill said he was working at the Briggs Lawrence County Library Friday when he found the container, WSAZ-TV reports.

He told the station he might not have looked inside if the container wasn’t labeled.

“It might’ve been smarter to say, ‘This is dope,’” he told the station.

“Not dope” was scrawled in white letters on top of the container, which was painted black.

The meth was found in several plastic baggies, Ironton police said on Facebook.

“On first appearance one would obviously think this was anything other than a container of illegal drugs,” police said. “The unknown owner (as of now at least) had the brilliant idea to write ‘Not Dope’ on the cover of the container, as if this would throw off law enforcement in the event their stash was discovered.”

They added, "At face value this post may seem funny, but in all seriousness can you imagine what could have happened had a child discovered this innocuous looking box?"

The library is examining surveillance footage to see if they can spot who came in with the container, the station reported.

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