Restaurant mascot sits down to entertain a disabled youth

Heartwarming moment restaurant mascot sits down to entertain a disabled youth and gives him a big hug after spotting him dining alone

  • Worker saw the disabled boy sitting alone and decided to try and entertain him
  • He then put on the restaurant’s mascot costume before going to sit with the boy  
  • The boy is clearly delighted by the attention and can be seen kissing the mascot 

This is the heartwarming moment a restaurant mascot entertains and sits with a disabled boy who was eating alone.

The teenager was tucking into a meal of chicken and chips at the fast food store in Davao City, in the Philippines when the worker noticed him and decided to dress up as the restaurant mascot. 

Dressed as a red bee, he can be seen sitting down next to the boy, who is suffering from Down Syndrome, and keeping him company. 

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The bee waddled over to the young boy before entertaining him for several minutes with some funny hand greetings.

They can be seen exchanging high fives and various gestures. 

The boy gives the mascot a kiss and they finish their impromptu meeting with a big hug, before the mascot returns to his duties.

The boy, who has Down Syndrome, was eating a chicken and chips meal while sitting by himself at the fast food restaurant

They can be seen blowing kisses to each other as the mascot walked away.

The touching moment was captured by fellow diners at the Jollibee branch who said it was ‘the sweetest thing they had seen all day’.

Onlooker Alayza May Lao said: ‘We were waiting for our food then the mascot suddenly approached the man with down syndrome.

‘There was no birthday party at the time so it seems like the crew wore the mascot so he could entertain the people around, especially him.

‘Everyone was watching and stopped eating that time. It was the sweetest and happiest thing I’ve seen that day.’

The restaurant worker, dressed as a bee, could be seen hugging the excited boy as he sat with him

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