Sandbanks street with 13 waterfront mansions in world's most expensive coastal road at £93MILLION

Sandbanks peninsula, in Poole harbour, is one of Britain’s most sought-after postcodes thanks to its secluded location and harbour views.

Now Panorama Road's total price-per-square-foot has exceeded that of waterside streets in Miami and Monte Carlo, according to a local estate agent.

It contains just 13 harbourside mansions that total a staggering £93million in value.

Such is the 'super-prime level' of the Sandbanks market, two ultra-modern properties with indoor swimming pools were recently snapped up in quick succession for a combined £15.6m.

Seaside mansion 'The Moorings', built in 2009, sold for £8.09m. It boasts six bedrooms, a cinema, wine room, sauna, steam room and an indoor pool. Its price tag made it one of the most expensive family homes ever sold outside London.

Another property went for £7.5m before the sales brochure had come out.

Last week another property on a plot of land bought by music icon John Lennon for his Aunt Mimi in 1965 (which he’d bought for £25,000), went up for sale for £7.2m.

Now called 'Imagine', the four-bedroom property includes a state-of-the-art cinema room, an indoor infinity pool and leisure suite.

Outside there is a hot tub, sunken fire pit and jetty onto the water.

Other properties to have changed hands in recent times include mock-Tudor mansion ‘Harbour Gate’ which was sold by ex-Spurs boss Harry Redknapp to Barry Bester, the boss of Topps Tiles.

It sold for £6.9m in 2015 but is now said to be valued at £10m after undergoing renovation.

Former West Ham manager Redknapp picked up a new five-bed seafront property ‘Solaris’ at a cut-price £4million.

Adrian Dunford, of Sandbanks estate agents Tailor Made, said: "We now believe this part of Sandbanks is the most expensive stretch of coastline on the planet in terms of price-per-square foot.

"The multi-million pound mansions in Miami and Monte Carlo will be on much bigger plots of land than you get on Sandbanks.

"The thing about Sandbanks is that it is a peninsula and so we are hemmed in. You can't increase the number of properties and so supply and demand dictate the prices.

"That row of properties is located in the most enviable part of Sandbanks. The houses have direct water access and also overlook the busiest part of the harbour.

"Sometimes with the bigger, headline-priced properties you need two summers to sell them.

"So to have two at the very top end of the market go as quickly as they have says an awful lot about the state of the local market."

Keith Fensom, from Savills, said: “I think the appeal of that section of Sandbanks is that it's very private.

“Houses on the beach don't have quite so much privacy because the beach is open to the public, but on the harbour side you don't have anybody in front of you.

"You can see all the activity in the harbour and you don't get the queue for the ferry outside your house."


Sandbanks started to attract global attention in 1999 when its first smallish property sold for £1 million – or £689 per square foot – putting it fourth in the real estate league after London (£775) Hong Kong (£859) and Tokyo (£895).

Since then it’s become one of the most expensive and exclusive places to live in the world.

“There is also a huge difference in value on the road. The opposite side is apartments and townhouses without the view

“I don't think there is anywhere else in the country that compares, I would think it's the most expensive coastal road in the country by a long way.”

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