Stomach-churning moment doctors pull live LEECH from woman’s nose in Vietnam

Footage shows the creature wriggling and writhing after reportedly being removed from her nostril by doctors.

The video is said to have been taken on September 7 when the woman arrived at a clinic in Yen Bai asking for help.

The woman looks calm and collected on the video, despite the disgusting procedure.

The person who filmed the video said the patient believed she had a cold after several days of pain, according to Newsflare.

Stomach-churning footage shows the moment the leech is yanked out of the patient’s nose and deposited onto a paper towel.

Doctors used a metal rod and tongs to capture the creature and haul it from its hiding place.

The woman is reportedly a farmer who medics believe may have come into contact with the parasite while working in the rice paddies.

While it is not known how exactly the animal got up her nose, it is not the first case of leeches turning up somewhere unexpected.

A fully-grown leech last year caused a Chinese woman to have horrendous nosebleeds after living inside her nose for months.

The patient, identified only by her surname Fang, 49, finally sought out ear, nose and throat specialists at the Shenwan Hospital after experiencing uncontrollable nosebleeds for 10 days.

And a Brit backpacker found a three-inch leech had been living up her nose for weeks during a trip to Vietnam in 2014.

Daniela Liverani, 24, was forced to go to A&E after trying and failing to remove the slippery creature herself.

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