Thousand Oaks Shooting: Anna Paquin, Josh Gad & More Stars Demand Gun Control After Killing

After twelve people were killed in the horrible shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA, heartbroken celebs like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anna Paquin and more demanded gun control reform to stop people from ‘being murdered!’

Twelve people were killed and at least ten were injured at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California on Nov. 7 after a gunman walked in and began firing. The alleged shooter – later identified as Ian Long, 29, — was reportedly armed with a .45-caliber handgun and a “smoke device.” He was killed after the massacre, though it’s unclear how he died. However, it’s obvious that this event, the latest mass shooting in America, has left some stars devastated — and demanding action. “My heart breaks for Thousand Oaks today. My heart is dust from being broken for so many places in our country so many times,” Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted when sharing Josh Gad’s reaction to the shooting.

“We are on a hamster wheel of insanity. Another day of grief. Another day of outrage. Another day of families unnecessarily learning their loved ones are dead. But, don’t worry, I remember from all of the other times we’ve done this…’guns aren’t the problem,” the Frozen star angrily said. “Absolutely gutted to wake up to this news. Again,” Mandy Moore tweeted. ”I can’t imagine the abject(sic) pain & grief of the families who lost loved ones, including Sheriff [Ron] Helus who ran in to save victims during the shooting-my heart is with you. Why do we continue to do nothing to prevent these tragedies?”

Anna Paquin didn’t hold back her anger over this massacre, the 307th mass shooting in America this year. “THIS is a SERIOUS problem that keeps repeating in this country. We need to figure out how to agree w each other for long enough to stop people being MURDERED.”

“The Mayor of Thousand Oaks is completely right,” Cameron Kasky, co-founder of the March For Our Lives organization, tweeted in the wake of the attack. “No community is truly safe from these mass shootings. We’ve seen this far too many times. How many anomalies are there going to be? How many times are we going to here ‘nobody would’ve thought it would happen here?’ ” Sadly, the tragedy may have claimed the life of Tamera Mowry and Adam Housely‘s niece. After the shooting, both were were frantically trying to find the missing girl, as she was was among the 100-plus people at the Borderline Bar & Grill. 

The gunman reportedly drove his mother’s car to the bar on the night of the incident and didn’t utter a word before opening fire around 11:20 PM local time. “He just pulled out a gun and shot my friend that was working the front desk,” Holden Harrah, 21, told the New York Post. Among the dead was Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Ron Helus. He and a California Highway Patrol Office entered the bar after the shooting started and exchanged gunfire with the shooter. Deputy Sgt. Helus was shot several times and died early Thursday morning at an area hospital.

“It doesn’t matter how safe your community is, it doesn’t matter how low your crime rate is — there are people who just don’t think properly everywhere, I don’t care where you are, and they commit horrific acts like this. There’s no way to process,” Sheriff Geoff Dean said. “There’s no way to make sense out of the senseless.”

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