We’re willing to bet that 99.9% of human beings have dreamed about winning the lottery at least once in their lives. Unless you just so happen to be one of the very few millionaires and billionaires scattered around the world, chances are that some lottery money would make serious improvements to your life. And the typical purchases always come to mind—houses, pools, clothes, and so on.

But here’s the thing about money; unless you are a very responsible spender, you can easily get lost in the midst of all the glitz and glam and end up spending everything you won. Even if you think otherwise, there are a few people out there who can tell you a thing or two about lavish purchases once money comes your way. Still wondering? Here are the ten craziest purchases ever made by lottery winners!

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10 A Little Football Never Hurt Nobody

Back in 1997, a simple gentleman named John McGuinness was one of the few lucky ones throughout history who managed to guess a series of numbers correctly. He made a whopping $17.7 Million from the United Kingdom lottery, and the celebrations soon began.

Queue all the purchases one would instantly make after managing to achieve such a feat. However, what sets John McGuinness apart from previous and subsequent winners is that he loved is Scottish football team so much—Livingston FC—that he thought it would be a great idea to actually invest in them with the sum of nearly $8 Million. Long story short, the team went into major debt, and so did John’s, who had to say goodbye to all of his millions.

9 Some Whiskey For Ye!

Just because John McGuinness made a bad investment, it doesn’t mean every single lottery winner is destined to blow through their fortune without a second thought. If you have the right mind for business, and some quality people around you, that you might just be lucky enough to make sure you achieve financial stability for life.

A great example of this is lottery winner Peter Lavery, who also won $17.7 Million. Lavery invested over $5 Million in a whiskey business. More precisely, a distillery that still makes solid profit to this day. It’s not exactly something most people would think about buying, but it surely worked for Peter!

8 I’d Like Some Knees, Please

Let’s go over your internal Wishlist. You know, those things that you would run immediately to the closest store or online retailer to get if money wasn’t a problem. Probably a very nice car, a huge house in Calabasas, perhaps even an Ivy League college education. Either way, what are the odds that this list includes something along the lines of knees?

That’s exactly what the Dodd couple did! After Greta and Tony won around $3.4 Million in the lottery, they got themselves two sets of brand new knees—all because Greta was such a huge fan of dancing, but couldn’t do it any longer due to joint problems. A lavish purchase, but incredibly heartwarming as well!

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7 A Demolition Derby For Your Pleasure

Some people believe that money has the power to bring out your inner child. Looking over some of the most extravagant purchases made by the rich and famous of this world, this theory isn’t exactly hard to adhere to. But what happens when you make a lot of money and are still pretty much a child?

Michael Carroll was only 19 years old when he won nearly $18 Million in the UK lottery. Many of his purchases were the cause of eventual fall from the millionaire status—drugs, prostitutes, and alcohol. Yet, the one purchase that set a particularly bad precedent was the race track he installed in his yard for demolition derbies. A little too much fun, perhaps?

6 I Want To Be A Star!

One thing that financial security gives you is the freedom to do is to pursue dreams that you otherwise would be unable or lack the courage and the means to do. For some, that might be owning a farm with lots of happy cows, for others, try and become an astronaut.

But, for half of a couple who won $3.2 Million, that was putting out an album with his old college band. He burned through around $3o,000 on this ordeal, and it didn’t go exactly as expected. Add a series of very ill-thought purchases by husband and wife alike, and you have the perfect recipe for bankruptcy and divorce.

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5 Life On Mars?

No, this is not one of the people who dreamed about becoming an astronaut… or, at least, not one in the most conventional terms. When David Copeland won $1 Million in his national lottery, he had his sights set on real estate. However, it was a very different kind of real estate than the one we’re used to.

It wasn’t made public just exactly how much money he spent on this particular purchase, but what we do know is that Copeland decided to invest some of his earnings on some acres of land on the Moon, Mars, and Venus. Planning ahead, maybe?

4 Give Me A 7! Give Me A 7!

Sadly, for some people, winning the lottery is simply a byproduct of an existing gambling addiction. Granted, buying lottery cards and trying your luck isn’t exactly the same as a game of poker, but it’s gambling nonetheless. And some people actually get pretty good at it! Take the case of Evelyn Adams, for instance.

The lady played so much she actually won a lottery prize twice! The odds are already against you winning the lottery, let alone winning twice, but that wasn’t enough for Adams. In the end, she spent the whopping amount of $6 Million in casinos throughout Atlantic City. Third time’s the charm?

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3 Why Not Race?

Weirdly enough, racehorses seem to be a pretty common team amongst lottery winners. What the common denominator is here, we’re not sure. However, it’s something worth posting out considering the fact that these beautiful animals can end up breaking the bank if one’s not careful enough.

Keith Gough was yet another winner of the UK lottery who went overboard with his purchases and ended up penniless by the end of his life. Some of these items included, of course, a house, and other curious things like $90,000 for his gardener. But perhaps the most interesting one of all was a racehorse, which cost him close to $260,000 plus the costs of up keeping him!

2 Sisters For My Sisters

It’s not mandatory for anyone to spend money on your loved ones once you find yourself in a situation where you are financially stable. However, it’s safe to assume that, if you have people you care about in this world, you’ll probably want to splurge a little bit on them if a large sum of cash just so happens to come your way.

Winner Sarah Cockings took this very seriously when she won $4 Million. Sarah was only 21 years old, but she didn’t completely splurge everything and still lives a very good life. However, she did gift her two sisters something a little unconventional… boob jobs! Yup, this winner was selfless enough to offer them plastic surgery. And they loved it, so everybody wins!

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1 Baby, You’re A Firework

Remember the conversation about how money has the ability to bring out your inner child? Well, no one knows that better than Debbie Mather, who won the large sum of $6 Million back in 2005. And, while it can be argued that Mather is one of the most responsible lottery winners out there, she still went for some extravagance.

Debbie spent over half a million dollars in setting up her own fireworks factory. Yes, you read that right—fireworks! Because sometimes, humouring our inner child is one of the things that make us the happiest. And why not, we ask?

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