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Let’s face facts: Drag queens have the best make up skills and tips, and so it’s imperative that we treat them like the High Oracles of Beauty and Fashion that they are. We’ve compiled some of the queens’ greatest tips at RuPaul’s Drag Con because we love you! NOW GO FORTH AND SLAY!

“To get a dewy contour, draw line right under cheekbone with the angled end of beauty blender, and slowly go upwards to make a really pretty, creamy, dewy line.”

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“You don’t always need to use full coverage, if you don’t have anything to cover! If you have good skin, use medium coverage. Practice your eyeliner. And always tap and blow with eyeshadow!”

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“Learn how to properly clean your face so you can do anything.”

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“The more, the better!”

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“An eye wing can never be too long!”

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“Blend, blend, blend, blend, blend!”

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“Fake eyelashes or bust!” – Gidget

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“Big lips, strong highlight, add blush!”

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“Find inspiration wherever you can and then recreate it in your own style.”

“Don’t be afraid to be silly and do things different from how other people.”

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“Don’t be afraid to put glitter in the brow!”

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“Always wash your damn face.”

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“Use highlighter just like an accent! You don’t want it to be the main focus.”

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“Moisturize and drink a lot of water. Expensive makeup won’t cover up bad skin.”

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“Spray your face with hairspray to set the look.”

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“Go on YouTube and look at tutorials. Find something you love. Experiment. There are no rules!”

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“To avoid the reverse raccoon look, use a loose brush and dust with a pale pink blush under the eye. It warms everything up.”

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“Spend all your money on good primer. All your other makeup can come from wherever, but primer is what matters.”

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“Pay attention to the little details and overall sharpness. Big and small, it all makes up the whole package.”

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“Primer is the most important step! Always!”

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“If you don’t think you need false eyelashes, you’re wrong, you do! If you don’t wear them you look like you’ve been shot in the face twice!”

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“Always moisturize your skin before foundation!”

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