We’ve all been there on hot summer days: Even though you’ve showered and applied clinical-strength deodorant, you end up a sweaty (and potentially smelly) mess before making it to work or our weekend brunch plans.

So when the humidity is at an all-time high, you’ll take every extra measure to feel (and smell) cool and refreshed. Along with reapplying deodorant and a hydrating facial mist, dressing for the weather, and chugging a water bottle, an extra spritz or two of perfume won’t hurt either.

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The musky, spicy scents that you favor during the fall and winter probably feel too heavy in the heat. Instead, reach for a bottle with crisp, light notes that will help you feel fresh and clean. Here’s a few of our favorites to refresh yourself with during summer’s impending heatwaves. 

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Demeter Linen Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray 

You can always count on Demeter for its literal interpretations of scent. This crisp, delicate one will make you feel like you just put on a fresh-from-the-dryer shirt. 

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Byredo Blanche Eau De A Parfum

Whether you want to beat the heat or freshen up after a tough workout, Byredo’s white rose, neroli, and blonde woods scent will get the job done.

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Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance 

This simple soap-and-water scent is just the trick for cooling down on a steamy afternoon. That is, if the soap was handmade in France with bergamot, water lily, and cool greens, and the water came from a babbling brook. 

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Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning 

When you’re running late to work during a summer heatwave, Margiela’s lazy morning-inspired scent will keep you calm, and from smelling like you just ran 10 city blocks.

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Clean Warm Cotton Eau De Parfum 

With “clean” and “cotton” in its name, this fragrance can do you no wrong. Lemon, orange, sheer woods, and musk notes keep you smelling sweet, but fresh. 

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Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne 

Woodsy notes aren’t known for evoking a light and airy feeling, but the mix of sage, ambrette seeds, and sea salt in this Jo Malone scent feels fresh instead of heavy. 

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Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua Eau De Toilette 

No paid time off this summer? Consider Tom Ford’s blend of shisho leaf, jasmine, and lemon basil notes the next best thing to actually escaping the humidty. As a nod the the Almafi coast, the scent instantly makes you feel like you’re seaside, breathing in salty ocean air and night-blooming flowers.

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Fresh Life Eau De Parfum 

Inspired by a morning countryside stroll, this scent, with notes of sparkling moss, vanilla grass, cucumbers, and grapefruit, is a refreshing departure from your steamy subway or bus ride to work. 

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Derek Lam 10 Crosby Rain Day Eau De Parfum 

This fragrance has bottled that post-downpour moment when the humidity has lifted and the city streets smell fresh (and not like melting trash).

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