Amazon Shoppers Say These ‘Miracle Patches’ Get Rid of Stubborn Cystic Acne — and They’re Almost 40% Off

The acne you have is the worst kind of acne. Each variant of pimple sucks in its own way, whether it's whiteheads that travel along your jaw or a cystic pimple that returns again and again, its sick persistence enough to power a horror movie franchise. For those occasions, shoppers say Rael's pimple patches are the equivalent of a Ghostbusters vacuum, sucking the goo out of your skin forevermore. 

If you haven't experimented with them yet, hydrocolloid pimple patches are one of the last few years' best inventions. On top of protecting pimples from prying fingers that just can't stay away, Rael's Miracle Patch Invisible Spot Dots extract pus from your zits without the potential scarring that DIY extractions can risk. While some pimple patches come in shapes so cute they almost turn acne into an accessory, shoppers say the Rael dots are clear and undetectable, perfect for taking a Zoom meeting with your boss or heading out to cocktails when life resumes. 

Compared to other versions, shoppers say the Rael patches mold to your skin with a matte, yet satin finish that blends in seamlessly and sticks like a clingy ex. As someone who's woken up with pimple patches on my pillow, this is an important point. Some people write that their family didn't even realize they were wearing them, until they turned white from the sucked-out gunk (barf, but also… pleasure). 

acne healing patch

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Be warned: Some of the Amazon reviews come with stomach-churning photos, "before" shots featuring red, swollen danger zones lying under reviewers' skin. But they're worth clicking through, because one photo of a pus-coated sticker later, and the end result is a healed-up, shrunken head zit that looks significantly less painful. Other shoppers' results are just as impressive; one person writes that, faced with persistent cysts both at the surface level and some without a head, she covered them all with patches — and "magically," they dissipated without a problem.  

With the patches in action, shoppers say that kind of speedy recovery is their new normal. "Large, cystic acne" heals within four to five days, compared to "several weeks" without the Spot Dots. What's more, Amazon reviewers write that the patches draw out gunk in a record four hours, speedy compared to those that require a full eight-hour window. 

Other shoppers notice that the extra hydration that comes from an occlusive covering helps avoid scarring, a night and day difference from the lasting marks that usually follow a juicy zit (apologies if "juicy" makes you queasy). Even on thicker skin like your back, shoppers say the patches help them extract fluid without an ill-advised pop. And their power isn't limited to whiteheads or cysts, because they "visibly pull" blackheads from your skin. 

They can be applied at any point in the zit lifecycle, but reviewers say that if you cover a pimple with it at the first sign of tenderness, it "nips it in the bud" to shorten the misery by a few days or prevent the blemish from surfacing altogether. All of those pros, the ringing endorsement of over 9,000 five-star Amazon ratings, and a 38 percent discount means there's no better time to stock up on this acne vigilante.  

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