As Far As I’m Concerned, the Chantecaille Bio Lifting Massage Roller Is a Game-Changer

When it comes to beauty, I have an affinity for skin care and an even bigger soft spot for skin-care gadgets. From LED light therapy to microcurrent facial devices and even just your standard facial rollers, I geek out over the technology and its ability to produce real results. (So much so, that my own personal collection of tools and devices can turn my usual 20-minute nightly skin-care routine into a full hour of beauty pampering.)

Anyone who’s ever taken the time to use one of these handheld devices knows just how relaxing the experience can be. Similar to kicking your feet up and doing a face mask, devoting the time to giving yourself a mini spa-level facial with a beauty gadget is equally satisfying.

While my collection probably doesn’t need another standard jade roller in it (I have three), I had never tried anything like the unique Chantecaille Advanced Bio Lifting+ Massage Tool, so I welcomed the opportunity to add it.

I think we can all agree that we’re in the middle of some pretty stressful times — my skin sure does with all of these stress breakouts I’ve been getting. To help combat this, I’ve been dedicating more time to self-care and pampering than ever before. This means bi-weekly face masks, weekly manicures, and even nightly facial massages. Spending a little extra time on myself while I binge-watch more Netflix or FaceTime with my sister is my favorite way to unwind.

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