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Cardi B’s Middle Finger Tongue Ring

Cardi B is flipping us off — twice. First, with her perfectly manicured middle finger, and then with her tongue ring. The 26-year-old rapper showed followers her tongue ring, a silver hand with its middle finger up, on Instagram.

In the photo, Cardi B is still sporting her Kulture nails, the baby-blue manicure she got in honor of her daughter’s first birthday. It’s not often that we see a close-up of Cardi B’s tongue piercing, but it’s clear to see she’s having a lot of fun picking out jewelry for it. She paired the look with magenta eye shadow and streaks of gray in her hair, which is unsurprising given that it seems like the rapper’s philosophy when it comes to beauty is “more is more.” Check out her daring look, ahead.

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