Dove Cameron Showed Off Her Snake Foot Tattoo Again, and It’s Sssseriously Sexy

Dove Cameron is letting her Slytherin flag fly. The actress and singer just gave fans another glimpse at the sizable snake tattoo on her left foot, and whew, it’s sssseriously sexy. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist a good ol’ ssssnake pun — we’ll stop now.) Dove’s Instagram followers first got a look at the serpent-themed design on July 2 when she shared a few throwback snaps from the day a Los Angeles tattoo artist who goes by @sweriet gave her the tat. It’s unclear exactly when she got it, but we do know it’s one of the largest and most eye-catching in her growing collection of tiny tattoos, right up there with the one she inked on her wrist in honor of her friend Cameron Boyce.

Any dedicated fan of Dove knows this is actually her second snake tattoo to date — she has a smaller, thinner one on her left hand’s middle finger, extending from the knuckle toward the fingernail. So what’s the reason behind her slithering reptile obsession, you ask? She was inspired to “take back the snake” after noticing that femininity is often compared to snakes in a negative way. “The snake is sexy and it represents new life — shedding the old image, rebirth, transformation and two worlds — so I put it on my middle finger,” she said in an interview late last year, adding, “Call me a snake? I am a snake!”

Keep reading to take an up-close look at Dove’s reptilian foot ink.

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