Emily Blunt Served Major Wedding Hair Inspo With Her Braided Crown Updo

Any beauty trend Emily Blunt tackles turns into the definition of sophistication, whether it’s her favorite French concealer or love for Sisley-Paris products. The A Quiet Place star just gave us another masterclass in chicness with the braided crown updo she wore to the Time 100 Gala. PS: brides-to-be, we may have just found your dream wedding day hair.

This ethereal look comes courtesy of certified hair wizard Sarah Potempa, creator of the Beachwaver. This look is business in the front, party in the back, so we had to get the details on how to DIY it.

First, Sarah washed Emily’s hair and then created a side part before blow-drying everything. Then, she used her Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron ($149) to smooth everything out. Once that was done, Sarah separated her hair at the root into three sections and began french braiding.

If you need a quick refresher course, for the french braid, Sarah started with a normal braid: she took the right section and crossed it over the middle one, and then did the same on the left side. After she got that foundation braid, Sarah added more pieces from the hairline to the right section and then crossed that over the middle strand. She repeated this process on the left side and kept on going!

Sarah made sure to strategically leave out some pieces to create the wisps that framed Emily’s face. After she secured the braid, Sarah “pancaked,” which means she gently tugged the edges to make things look more textured and full. Then, Sarah bobby pinned the braid up and secured her Beachwaver Gold Leaf Chain ($28) at the root.

She went back and used her iron to style the face-framing wisps into an “S”-shaped pattern, and . . . voila! Bohemian perfection, which you can see more of ahead.

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