This Is Exactly How to Use a Fan Brush

The most popular item my friends ask me about is my fan brush. The flat, thin brush looks foreign compared to fluffier powder and eye shadow brushes, and the unique shape can be intimidating to makeup novices. Luckily, it is actually quite simple and easy to use. The fan brush comes in a variety of sizes and is most commonly used for two functions: to remove excess powder from the face and to apply highlighter.

A larger, thicker fan brush like the Sigma Beauty F90 Fan Brush ($24, originally $34) is the ideal tool for removing powder from underneath your eyes after baking or to highlight your shoulders or down the center of your legs. A smaller, thinner brush like the Sigma Beauty F42 Strobing Fan Brush ($18) provides a precise highlight on your cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow.

You can also opt for a tiny fan brush like the Sigma Beauty E04 Lash Fan Brush ($12, originally $15) to apply mascara or glitter to your lashes.

With the popularity of highlighter at an all-time high, fan brushes are available at every price point, so you can test them out for yourself. Keep reading to shop a few suggestions.

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