In the event that the loofah that’s hanging on a hook in your shower at home isn’t big enough for you, a spa in Santa Monica has come up with the perfect solution: a giant loofah spa treatment that’s the same size as your whole body!

That’s right, ladies and gents! It’s the treatment you quite literally never knew you needed, but ever since Insider posted a video about the treatment, which is called “Hunters Retreat,” we’re simultaneously grossed out and completely intrigued by it. See?

Isn’t that… something else?! In case you wanted to try this bizarre spa treatment out for yourself, it’s offered at Burke Williams Spa in Santa Monica, California. Also, if you’re wondering what exactly the giant life-size loofah is made out of, it’s actually made from stalks of wheat that have been soaked in essential oils. Well, that’s interesting…

NGL, this doesn’t really look like a loofah to us at all, but regardless, we’ll go with it! The treatment supposedly gets rid of your dead skin cells with an exfoliating scrub, so even though it may look a little ridiculous, it’s actually totally legit!

NGL, we’re still feeling a little bit uneasy about this treatment, and as it turns out, we’re not alone! Tons of people can’t believe their eyes, and honestly, we can’t blame ’em!

Obviously, people are confused AF about this spa treatment, and we’re totally get it, but maybe this is just one of those things you can’t knock until you try? Here’s to hoping!

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