Iggy Azalea is that you?! The Australian rapper just revealed her new haircut on April 27, but it looks eerily similar to a look Kylie Jenner has rocked in the past. Wait until you see this pic!

Iggy Azalea has a new man and a new hair-do. The “Fancy” rapper, who just became romantically involved with Tyga, just cut all her hair off, and we’re shook. On Friday, Iggy shared a photo of herself with a wavy blonde bob, which is completely different from her signature long, straight tresses. Although, we’re living for the hair moment, we can’t help but point out that it’s an exact replica of a look Kylie Jenner flaunted in the past. And why does this matter, you ask? Well, Kylie used to date Tyga, and he has a habit of dating Kylie lookalikes. Take a look at the comparison below!

Of course, Kylie isn’t the only celebrity to rock a blonde bob, but the timing of Iggy’s new look is just too big of a coincidence. Could Tyga have influenced her decision?! We wouldn’t be surprised! However, we recently learned that Kylie is in no way a threat to Iggy. “Iggy isn’t at all jealous of Kylie. Ever since they split it has been incredibly difficult for Tyga to get over her. And, as far as Iggy is concerned, she sees herself as the only woman who has been able to take Tyga’s mind away from Kylie. They have a much better connection,” a source close to Iggy shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. So, it looks like the haircut might not have anything to do with Kylie after all.

For those of you who need a refresher, Iggy and Tyga first sparked relationship rumors when they were spotted holding hands at this year’s Coachella. They even took photos together! And while things are still new between them, we’re glad to see they’ve both found love again. You see, Tyga isn’t the only one who recently got out of a long term relationship. Iggy was engaged to Nick Young, but they broke up after Iggy caught him cheating. Yikes! Well, we’re glad they have each other!

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