I’m a Beauty Reporter, and Here’s How I’d Spend $100 at Sephora This Summer

I’ve been reporting on beauty products and treatments for over seven years at POPSUGAR. This might make me the granny of the bunch — if not by seniority, then by the fact that getting in bed at 8 p.m. on a Friday sounds like a dream scenario — but it also means I’ve learned what to save on and what to splurge on.

One of the perks of my job is getting to test my fair share of products without having to dig deep into my bank account. While this is definitely something I love, it’s work. I log all the products I receive to help identify trends, make schedules based on what skincare products I’m using (in order to see clear results), and have virtually no drawer in my home that isn’t filled with some type of cosmetic. (My boyfriend is patient and kind, and has his own bathroom, if you’re wondering.)

This begs the question: what good am I if I don’t share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years, especially when it comes to shopping? I visited the grand opening of the new Sephora in Palm Springs recently — the retailer is rolling out 35 new stores this year — to shop at my leisure before it opened to the public. There was nary a foundation touched or lipstick swatched. It was beautiful.

When it comes to spending, mama always ends up being attracted to the most expensive thing in the room. Some may say it’s a gift. (My bank account says otherwise.) And as someone who does get sent products to test out, I’m actually pretty frugal, only buying things I truly need and know will work. Keep reading to see my top picks from Sephora for the Summer. To keep things under the budget, pick one of the products from each grouping, and you’ll end up staying within $100, give or take a few bucks.

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