Author’s Note: As you may have noticed, I work for POPSUGAR. But this review is a genuine take on a new favorite product and was not influenced by my employer. It’s just that good!

One of the big perks of my job is getting a heads-up from my boss, Lisa Sugar, when she’s developing a new Beauty by POPSUGAR product that she thinks I’ll be excited about. Sometimes I even get to help name them! When she gave me an early test sample of the line’s new Eye Sorbets, which are now available online and through Ulta, I knew it was going to become a new staple in my summertime beauty bag.

My first day trying the sorbets, my coworker (and fellow beauty enthusiast) Macy gasped when I sat down at my desk. “Your eyes look stunning!” she said, and I explained that it was a combination of the new Eye Sorbet shades. “Well, that creamy formula is so shimmery, it almost seems magical,” she said. “It reflects light and brings attention to your eyes.”

I can’t make this sh*t up, y’all.

While I’m obsessed with the look of the sorbets (which are the consistency of a whipped creme shadow), I’m even more stoked about the ease of application. The packaging suggests using a brush, but I’m a born rule-breaker and use my fingers to apply the sorbets. It’s laughably easy to get shimmery, semi-iridescent coverage on my lids with just a teensy dab of product, and I won’t even have to clean any brushes! Double-win. Quickly swiping shimmery color on my lids in the morning easily saves me 10 minutes of blending, messing up, starting over, and so forth.

Check out the sorbets in action ahead, then shop ’em for yourself to experience the magic.

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